5 Ways To Update Your Dull & Boring Living Room With Candles

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Candles are a great way to revamp your living room! They look very elegant, they’re simple, cost-effective, smell great, and always are a beautiful compliment to your homewares.

It’s almost impossible to go wrong with candles. To help you maximize the look of your living room, here are some easy to do but great to look at tactics.

  1. Spice things up:
    There’s nothing like the scent of a fresh apple or warm vanilla to make a person warm and cozy. Living rooms are meant to be personal and relaxing, and they should be inviting. Adding a little spice and décor to your living room is easy with the help of a scented candle. You can even create a unique smell by mixing and matching some scents like fruity with floral, etc. Many people like to combine scents, and this comes in handy especially when you have guests over, and they prefer one fragrance over another.
  2. Dress them up:
    Candles are ideal to make your table look elegant and sophisticated. You can use pillar candles if you want to light up candles when you have family dinners or during holidays. You can decorate the candles with ribbons, tissue paper, and even flowers. If you want to set a romantic candlelight dinner for your loved one, then you can fancy up your candles in some good looking silver or crystal candle holders. Taper candles give off a decent amount of light. But if are using taper candles, you might want to have another source of light as well as they are relatively dim and it could become hard for guests to see each other. Navigate hereto find your favorite pick.
  3. Window Candles:
    Decorating your living room window with a burning candle is a tradition now. You can keep your favorite sort of candle on your windowsill, and it looks magnificent from the inside and on the outside as well. Keeping a candle in the window is a sign of friendship and welcoming people into the family. It also shows the warmth of a family and adds to the coziness of the living room. Candles in the window have a history as well that they used to be a source of guiding the lost one’s home, and also that lighting a candle in the window brings good news to the family.
  4. Using Tea Candles:
    Tea candles are an excellent resource to set the tone for a nice dinner. You can also use these if you plan on having dinner out on the patio. They are good for short spans as they only last five to six hours. They are perfect to set the tone for a room as they go unnoticed. You can find these tea cables in different colors and fragrances according to your mood and event. This makes them an ideal way to decorate the home for special occasions.
  5. Floating Candles:
    Floating candles are very similar to tea candles. They are commonly used in water-filled containers, small pools, or lakes where they can float. They don’t give too much light, but they are perfect to set the mood and illuminate the space. They are very relaxing to look at, and they produce beautiful effects on the water. You can also put them in a big bowl and place them on a dining table when having a fancy family dinner. There are so many colors and sizes available, and they are so good for decorating. Options are endless, all you need to be is creative let your imagination go crazy.


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