‘Untampered: Shades of Earth’, A Home That Looks Beyond Materialistic Luxuries | The Rouge Wall

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The first encounter of our life, the first ever space we are brought into, is often said to be home. A space of immense warmth, a space that lets you wander free yet hones your directions in various aspects of life. Quite contradictory to Mumbai’s behavioral aspects, ‘Untampered: Shades of Earth’, A Home That Looks Beyond Materialistic Luxuries, is one such residence situated in the heart of the city that quite literally never sleeps! Upon entering this 780 sq. ft. of meditative living, you allow yourself to soak in the luxury of peace, cultivating an aura of positivity and playful interactions.  Greeted with a pristine white console displaying an abstract artwork, adorned with the elegance of candles and a petite planter is the perfect first impression of this home, practicing slow living.

‘Untampered: Shades of Earth’, A Home That Looks Beyond Materialistic Luxuries | The Rouge Wall

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The living room boasts a minimal aesthetic with a palette of simplicity. Of beige drapes and exquisite marble flooring, the number sofa paired with the distinctive center teapot pays homage to this subtle yet striking beauty of minimal and mindful living. The sun pours through the ceiling-height windows to shine through the open-floor home, casting dramatic hues through the living and dining spaces. 

Fearlessly embracing the white floor, ceiling and walls create an open, peaceful setting. All it took to add a monochromatic pop of life, is a couple of plain-spoken cutlery placed in the rustic wood tray. This thoughtful contemplation of adding a set of rustic teal accents illuminated in the niches on the wall infuses energy, offsetting contemporary modern aesthetics.

A gradual mood shift is felt around the dining which articulates a distinct sense of atmosphere during the day and evenings. The mirror wall plays the tactful protagonist of the space guided by two artistic wall scones. Celebrating the cultural craftsmanship are a pair of chairs upholstered in cotton with ethnic florals, a bench for two in number, and a table of stone and gold. Sounds of midnight jazz in the background, embellished with an abstract candle stand on the table and a jute sack with the clustered fiddle leaf fig sure makes for an alluring evening affair.

The finesse of the balance of functionality and aesthetics is best seen in the kitchen. Harmonious with the living room, this timeless palette for the kitchen enhances the Moroccan backsplash. Espresso overheads create a dramatic contrast with the barely-brown under-counter cabinets and milky quartz counter. 

Captivating with its pea-green headboard and gleaming inlays, this bedroom evokes a sense of calm with a side of glam. Our eyes are instantly drawn upward to intricate lighting details on the muted ceiling and also the reflecting light from the sun that shines through the enormous windows. All these elements come together to create serious and sensuous relaxing bedroom sentiments.

The sophisticated retreat that features a tall headboard, vertical wooden flutings behind the mirrors, and understated décor that feels open and soothing, drastically transform this otherwise ordinary bedroom space. Intricate soft furnishing textures and delicate brass inlay on the wardrobe make this bedroom feel lighter than air. 

Right opposite, lies the botanical element that offers a feeling of pure serenity. Alongside a subtle yet luxurious elegance of beige and gold wall, making you settle in for a full-binge session headlined with meditative aesthetics and accents. The compact workspace nook incorporated right beside the tv unit not only comes in handy for some productive time by yourself but is designed so cautiously without taking away from the cozy, restful ambiance of the bedroom.

Imbibing a sense of spaciousness, this bedroom explores the various fronts with verticality in ways more than one. The most inviting element, the illuminated, paneled crimson headboard stages a sense of peculiarity in comparison with the common spaces. Upstaging the admiral blue bed and the marble backdrop with asymmetrical metal inlay make this bedroom stand out from the rest. 

Indigo florals and white sheers add an element of subtle contrast to the space, inviting in the early sunlight during the day and the former, ensures some privacy for the quiet downtime. Following the identical palette, charcoal flutes adorn the wall with the blue console desk adjoining it, the work desk. Suspended storage creates ease of visual stimuli, hence keeping an extremely light weighed design approach throughout the bedroom.

“With Untampered: Shades of Earth, we walked through an assortment of varying palettes in different spaces, yet the grace of slow and mindful living remains in place. Distinguishing features, expressive textures, and for what we strongly believe in, that the light is what guides you home, the warmth is what keeps you there makes this home delightfully versatile! ”, summarize Kinjal and Pranali, co-founders of The Rouge Wall.


Design by : The Rouge Wall

Project Name: Untampered: Shades of Earth

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Typology: Residence Interior Design

Project Size: 780 Sq. Ft

Principal Designers: Pranali Patkar & Kinjal Kothari

Photography Credits: Akshay

Stylist Credits : Ankita Saigal & Harshitaa Agrawal

Firm’s Instagram Link: The Rouge Wall


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