The Theme Of Haute Couture With A Contemporary Urban Landscape | Designstudio MVH SDN BHD

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An ornamented empty show nest is a home that tells a story through its design. It outlines a narrative of the buyer’s lifestyle while injecting bespoke furniture pieces that harmonize with the design elements of the interior and styling landscape. Based on this narrative, Kuala Lumpur-based Design Studio MVH SDN BHD, has designed a Sales Gallery fitted with two show units for their client’s upcoming Skylon Residence Tower. While, Insigne Carpets, a Gurgaon-based carpet manufacturing company, did the entire carpeting for this project.
Speaking of the project, CEO of Insigne Carpets, Asif Rahman, whose carpets provide a distinctive feature to the overall styling, says, “This is a high-end residential complex built near a forest. The designer, Marco Van Ham wanted to create a lot of breathing space within a limited floor area. The primary requirement was to create a custom pattern and colours that complemented the Elevation Drawing. Successfully achieving it and manufacturing a Computerized Design was a challenge.”

The Theme Of Haute Couture With A Contemporary Urban Landscape | Designstudio MVH SDN BHD

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While talking about the interiors of the houses, the CEO of Design Studio MVH SDN BHD, Marco said, “We played on the theme of haute couture with a contemporary urban landscape. The design showcases elements of signature colours and an iconic monogram that is repeated and seen in various points of design throughout the Gallery and leading further into the Residences Tower”. The space is reminiscent of a high-end fashion house that exudes sophistication and glamour owing to its distinctive monogram pattern, he added.

“After getting Marco’s brief, our team customized the rug designs to synchronize them with the interiors by Marco and his team, marking a creative collaboration. Almost all the rugs were supposed to reflect on metal or glass-finished tables and harmonize with the artwork on the wall”, says Asif. The black, white, and beige rug in the living room reflects pristinely on the metal coffee table with a hint of sepia. The spilled pattern in beige, white, and silver colours on the black rug complements the silver-hued sofas.

The second unit’s living room uses orange, rose-gold, black, brown, grey, and beige colours. The Insigne Carpet is a colour palette of all these shades that seamlessly blend with the interiors by Marco and his team. The orange boldly stands out against its overall beige background. Asif says that the process of bringing Marco’s imagination to life was challenging but the rugs were ready in time for the grand opening. A lounge area in one of the units used a rug that was customised to conjunct with a statement wall art. The rug and the wall art shared the signature neutral colour palette of black, white, grey, and beige with a bold streak of burnt orange. 

Insigne’s hand-tufted carpets bind every room’s interior through their abstract design, setting a theme. Describing the idea behind the design, Asif says, “Going beyond boundaries and limitations was the inspiration of the designer. Putting sunburst or simple lines multi-directionally and still balancing within the area of the rug, was the common theme”.

The overall design of the carpets took around a month, followed by an eight-week production. Hand-tuft is a manual effort that required stitching, clipping, carving, and binding throughout the process at various points after the design was printed on graph paper.

An integral part of the Skylon residence, which has become its identity, is the signature colour palette of burnt orange, bone, amaretto gold, bronze and black. These reflect a style of modernity and joie de vivre – a celebration of living. The palette is warm, yet bold and dynamic, a symbol of a luxurious lifestyle. The pop of burnt orange in every room adds a playful element while the gold black, and bronze retain the grandeur through textiles.

Designed by : Designstudio MVH SDN BHD

Carpets Manufactured by : Insigne Carpets

Project Type : Residential

Project Name : Skylon Residence

Location : Malaysia

Year Built : 2022

Duration of project : 3 months

Project Size : 3320 sq. ft.

Principal Architect : Marco Van Ham

Photograph Courtesy : Designstudiomvh                  

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