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Unpacking is overwhelming and stressful. Unlike packing with a defined deadline, unpacking is all up to an individual regardless of a time limit. After an exhausting move, it’s challenging to set your new home and organize things in its place. You can only delay your unpacking to a specific time. In the end, even the worst procrastinators need to roll up their sleeves to get things in order. All you need is proper planning and strategy to make unpacking easy and fast.

Following are the ten ways to make your unpacking fast and efficient:

  1. Make A To-do List

Know what you want to unpack rather than opening all the boxes at once. Make a things-to-do list and unpack accordingly. Please keep track of your inventory before and after moving to make it easier for you to identify.

  1. Use Long-term Storage Units

You can use storage units to store stuff that you may find useless but have sentimental value. Storing these items will save you much space in your new area, and make it easy for you to unpack the necessary details. If you happen to live near Hurst, Texas, you can get air-conditioned storage units that you can use for long-term storage at affordable rates. 

  1. Organize

Organizing your stuff during packing will make your unpacking relatively more comfortable and smoother. As a start, label your boxes while packing your things to avoid confusion. Labeled boxes can save you time and frustration when you unpack at your new home. You can use color codes as an alternative to labeling for movers to identify.

  1. De-Clutter

It’s an excellent idea to de-clutter things you don’t use often. You can either donate those items or sell them. De-cluttering your stuff before packing will save you much time during the unpacking process as you have only things you need. 

  1. Unpack Kitchen First

As soon as you move in, unpack kitchen utensils and arrange them first. Make your kitchen functional by setting refrigerator, stoves, and other appliances. Open only needed glassware for a refreshing cup of coffee or tea. You can set up other utensils, dishes, and cabinets on the following days.  

  1. Unpack Bathroom and Bedroom Items Next

After you have set up your kitchen and had a nice cup of coffee, unpack your bathroom items. These include toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps, shampoo, and shower gels. Alongside bathroom, unpack your bedding like mattress, comforter, pillows, and sheets. This simple bed and bath set will save you considerable time later on when you start unpacking. Besides, you need somewhere to rest your exhausted self, and bedding is a perfect way to go. 

  1. One Room at a Time

Start unpacking one room to avoid making things confusing, instead of hopping from one room to another. You can easily set up a whole room in a single go with focus. After you have completed arranging one room, shift your attention to the other one. The kitchen, bedroom, and children’s room should be your top priority while the garage and guest room can wait. 

  1. Avoid Distractions

If you happen to have pets or children, let them stay at a relative for some days until you unpack and settle. Children or pets might not adapt to new settings right away and may cause distractions for you, wasting much time in the process. Avoid distractions to make your unpacking quick and easy without too much hassle. 

  1. Focus on Utility Areas Last

Utility areas like basement or garages should be the last spaces to unpack. Focus on essential items that make your home functional and organize them first. You can complete arranging items for garage, patios, and landscape later on.

  1. 10.Do Not Procrastinate

Procrastinating your unpacking will make you lazy and waste much of your valuable time. It makes sense that you are tired and exhausted, but take some time and then start working on unpacking. The sooner you start, the faster and efficient your unpacking becomes. 


Unpacking is overwhelming but is a necessary activity to perform. The tips mentioned above are some of the most useful guidelines that can make your unpacking easier and fun experience.