Best 5 Garbage Disposal Brands Comparison With Reviews?

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Garbage disposals have become the most convenient product of kitchen waste. With the old units replaced with new ones in 2020, there is more demand due to user-friendly features. Life has never been this easy without waste disposal. Even if you wish to upgrade, it is the best time with the latest models in the market.

There is stiff competition between various brands with different range of prices and features. However, we can recommend the five most preferred garbage disposals along with the brands and customer review ratings. Take a quick read and best judge based on your kitchen sink needs for the waste disposal.

5 Garbage disposal Brands comparison

1. Waste King L-8000:

The mentioned model is a masterpiece by the manufacturer. Ideal for a family consisting of 8 people, it can hold enough waste for the day from your sink and shred it with ease. It can easily grind fruit pits and is suitable for large families as suggested.

As per the reviews of the brand has received best valued garbage disposal by customers. It is also the best valued product compared to other brands.

2. Insinkerator – Evolution Excel:

Able to digest even beef bones, this disposal is in high demand and can serve a family of 8 members again. Ideal for dinner parties and non-veg eaters, where you can expect bones to go through the sink all the time. 

Providing you full horse power, the model works efficiently. It is also rated as the best high-end disposer model as per its reviews.

3. Insinkerator – XTR:

Also in the top list of the editor’s choice, the model is the most preferred by family of 6 people. The grinder can also digest hard chicken bones. It comes with a strong motor and handles almost all types of food waste.

The reviews have rated it in the best to buy products’ list. Check more online reviews and ratings to know more about the product.

4. Insinkerator – Septic Assist:

Ideal for a family of 6 people, the model can digest chicken bones and other types of food waste too. The motor and other parts are known to be safe to use. If you buy from a good dealer, it usually comes with a 4 year warranty. It smoothly takes greasy and fatty pieces too. 

Customers who purchased and are presently using it have considered is amongst the best septic system disposal for your kitchen waste.

5. Waster King – L1001:

Comes in the best budget food disposal, most families prefer it. The motor is sufficient to digest different types of food scraps including burnt meat. Avoid grinding tough bones and hard pieces as that will be a little too much for the motor. 

The reviews and customers ratings have to be good to its budget friendly prices. It comes with a 2 year warranty on the wear and tear of parts. 

Now since you have some of the best models to compare and reviews online, choose what is most suitable for your kitchen sink and family needs.