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    The client is a businessman in the field of automation and home theatre equipment. His brief was a contemporary showroom-cum-experience centre for ‘Smrtving’ where he could showcase his equipment, including a mock-up of an automation and stereo equipped living-dining space.

    Contemporary Showroom-Cum-Experience Centre For ‘Smrtving’ | White Shadows Design Studio

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    The lobby doubles as an experience area equipped with wireless speakers (on display), a customised sound-bar on demonstration and a T.V. with a Video Matrix Switch (involving automation of the content being displayed).The space is predominantly treated with neutral tones of grey and brown, in the form of concrete texture finish, grey tile cladding, light grey flooring and vividly grained veneer panelling. The orange accents peppered around bring about upbeat vibes that elevate the mood.The shade matches with the Smrtving logo, directly linking the overall interior design with the brand.

    A customized MS frame display unit with strategically placed boxes showcase wireless speakers as well as the client`s personal collection of antique car scaled models. This lends a unique personal touch and a character to the space that piques the curiosity of visiting customers. A graphic installation comprised of symbolic representations of the various services provided here, is eye-catching against the grey tiled wall. The wood panelled door of the home theatre becomes a part of the design, camouflaged into the wooden cladding feature.

    The washroom door is well camouflaged as part of the tessellated pattern of wood panelling that is on the left of the main entrance. Consequently, an enthralling wooden feature wall is created in place of what would have been an all-too-conspicuous washroom door. A green wall washed with daylight filtering in through the skylight above, adds a pleasant vibe to the lobby, the natural light enriching the ambience.

    The home theatre, equipped with a 9.4.4 Dolby Atmos setup, is done up in dark tones of grey and brown, the dark brown acoustic panels being placed in a hap-hazard pattern. Dark shades minimize light reflection, providing an optimal visual experience.

    Similar dark tones have been followed in the stereo demonstration room. The use of sound absorptive materials has been maximized in both the rooms.

    The manager`s cabin follows the same grey and wood colour scheme with orange accents. The geometric pattern in grey texture paint with grooves adds an element of intrigue.

    The colour scheme of the lobby continues into the living-dining mock-up, with an additional introduction of a captivating geometric pattern, composed of tinted mirror, veneer and off-white acrylic panels.

    This living-dining is equipped with voice control, scheduled dimmable lights, mood lights, intrusion alert system, AC controls, blinds controls and curtain controls. Nude coloured dining chairs placed around the table bring about a calm vibe. An interestingly detailed concrete textured feature wall in the mock living adds to the character of the space.

    This showroom has been designed taking into consideration the customer`s experience, aiming for a peppy, positive spirited ambience, which would in turn contribute to the success of the business. All the exact technical details have been incorporated as per the standards while designing the various spaces, ensuring optimal performance and customer experience.


    Designed by : White Shadows Design Studio

    Project Type : Commercial Building

    Project Name : Smrtving Home Theater & Automation Showroom

    Location : Bangalore

    Year Built : 2022

    Duration of project : 1 year

    Plot Area : 4000 sq.ft

    Project Size : 3000 sq.ft

    Project Cost : 2 Cr.

    Principal Architect : Siddharth Ramesh & Anupama Siddharth

    Team Design Credits : Ejas Ahmed

    Photograph Courtesy : Nayan Soni

    Products / Materials / Vendors : Finishes – Veneer Indo Burma Agencies / Wallcovering / Cladding – Nexion tiles / Lighting – Delta light / Doors and Partitions – Aristo / Sanitaryware – Bravat / Windows –  Fenesta / Furniture – Austins sofa / Marble- Pearl granites / Paint – Asian Paints / Concrete texture paint- Surface décor / Curtains- D`Décor / Plants – Divinity planting.

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