Top 14 Must-Have DIY Tools for Home Improvement

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Reality bites that home improvement can cost a lot! Fortunately, the creation of DIY tools can save the budget. Here is plenty of them to consider depending on the nature and scope of the project. This article has been developed in collaboration with professional team of the Dweller Power website in order to provide a comprehensive guide on DIY tools that everyone should have. Read on to know in details.


In home construction, hammer nails and pull them from a surface with a claw style. The standard weight of this type of hammer is a pound. Tinier nails can insert themselves with a tack form of this tool. Splitting concrete, driving posts, and other heavy tasks need a sledgehammer

Possessing a heavy head is what a builder’s or lump hammer has. Separating concrete along with a cold chisel and handling huge nails are also for this type.


Tasks of holding, bending, pulling, and twisting want pliers. These are also necessary to remove tiny nuts. It is an edge to use those with long noses in getting parts that are hard for the regular type to reach. The ends of wires for bending, handling electrical, and holding parts are also for it.


Wood in cut form is realistic through a regular hand saw. Timber, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), or plywood can have crosscut for the length. Metal, threaded bar, copper pipe, bolts, and PEX can have smaller pieces with the disposable blades of a junior hacksaw. The desire for a neater cut is from a tenon saw having finer teeth. 

Measuring Tape

Any general task in home improvement can use a measuring tape going as far as 6 m. This is equivalent to 20 feet. Having a tinier length reaching 3 m is practical in bringing to an outlet for building materials or furniture.

Socket Set

With the same function as a wrench, the socket can ratchet faster and easier! The handle only needs pumping for a bolt or nut to go away or tighten. It is standard to use this tool along with a regular wrench. A nut is for the latter while the socket tightens or gives the bolt away. But this tool is incapable of handling nuts coming from long bolts. Likewise, a threaded bar is also not for it because of the shallowness. For this purpose, a wrench and through socket are better.

Experts say to choose the set with 6 points. Heads of bolts and nuts can have less harm through them. 


Go up an extension ladder for top gutters, clean windows outside, painting walls, and cutting tree limbs. A step ladder becomes handy for tasks inside and outside the house. It is functional in:

  • Window cleaning
  • Watering hanging baskets 
  • Clearing cobwebs
  • Cutting hedges
  • Painting
  • Reaching low-level gutters

Keep a balanced standing position on a ladder than on a stool or chair. The top bar is responsible for body stability. 


Instead of focusing light on a surface with an incandescent bulb, an LED torch can create more of it. The advantage of this type of light is unlimited use for years. At the same time, it stays intact even upon falling by accident. There is a style worn on the head to keep hands on other tasks. It is functional for any form of house maintenance.

Drill Bits

Creating holes find drill bits convenient. Here are different kinds to consider:

  • HSS bits produce holes in plastic or metal.
  • Masonry bits are for concrete, bricks, breeze blocks, and stone.
  • Wood bits match with timber types: Flat, auger, lip and spur, and hole saws for big sizes

Cordless Drill

Handling plenty of screws is suitable for a cordless power drill. The combi form is for driving and drilling. Putting plugs into walls needs the 18-volt type. As for large holes, there is more power and faster speed from an affordable corded SDS drill

Disposable Blades on a Utility Knife

Taken from the manufacturer’s name, it is also known as Stanley Knife. Fortunately, bargain outlets provide these blades in a uniform size. The retractable style is the most popular! But there are also folding kinds wherein the blades are safe in the handle with an empty case. This feature minimizes accidents while holding it. 

Flat and Philips Screwdrivers

Get these in small and large sizes with these choices:

  • Purchase as a set or as a piece
  • Driver combi or cordless drill plus screwdriver bits
  • Screwdriver handle tip can take varied sizes of bits  

In choosing a set, there are models inclusive of awls in making holes. This is before drilling or driving screws. Similar in appearance to a screwdriver, the tip is pointed to go into plastic or wood. A hole is an outcome from turning. 


These snips have to remove insulation from wires. This is in dealing with plugs, lighting, and socket outlets. Cable ties, light gage netted wire, or tie wire is also for these. 


Alternative names are Mole wrench and Vice Grip for locking pliers. These are for holding nuts, bars, bolts, and others not to turn. Holding two pieces to stay in place is also possible through clamping. 


The UK also calls them spanners. As long as there is a need to tighten nuts, these are essential. Examples are bolts, plumbing fittings, taps, and wall fixings. Combination or open-ended forms are present. The first one has an open end and a ring. Nuts become closer together with the ring in the absence of removing the head and returning. 

There comes a time wherein taking away the nut is necessary. In this way, combination or ring spanners do this. But the bolt part showing the threaded portion can go past the nut and stay in the socket. In using this tool at home, an adequate size is estimated at 22 mm. At the most, the AF (across the flats) can have 3/4 inches. 

An adjustable wrench also exists containing jaws. Fix them for the head of a bolt or nut to fit. Affordable pieces can modify them upon tightening. With plenty of use, the hex profile corners can get rounded. Huge bolts and nuts want them.      

Before starting home improvement, it is necessary to have a specific plan. Preparation of the essential tools goes along with it. Get suitable ones for the project. 

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