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Sliding windows are aesthetically appealing in your home and allow you to take advantage of the full natural light saving more on energy bills. Again, with sliding windows, you get to enjoy an unobstructed view of your beautiful garden, increased ventilation, and plenty of sunshine. But to enjoy all these things, you have to maintain your sliding windows in good condition. They should be clean and streak-free and should be able to slide easily when opening and closing.

With time, the dirt that builds up between your sliding windows can compromise the functionality of your window. You don’t want to feel nasty as you look at the dirt trapped between your glass windows while eating, so you need to clean it up. These spaces can trap all sorts of dirt from dust, pet fur, tiny hairs, food debris, etc. The dirt can be stubborn to remove but worry not because you can consult with the window cleaning experts at

Here is a simple guide on how to clean between sliding windows. You need baking soda, some vinegar and a small brush (you can use an old toothbrush).

Dust off the windows


Before anything, dust the windows of any dirt. You can use a cloth to wipe off the glass and a tiny brush to scrub off the dirt between the windows. That simplifies your cleaning work.

Pour some baking soda in the spaces between the window (tracks)

Using a spoon, sprinkle baking soda in between the window spaces while paying attention to the corners and the dirtiest spots.

Pour a reasonable amount of vinegar.

After sprinkling the window tracks with baking soda, top it up with reasonable amounts of vinegar and wait for the magic to happen. You can leave it for like ten minutes as you wait for the dirt to dissolve. You can resume your other house chores as you wait. Again, do not leave it for too long as it may start drying out.

Use the toothbrush to scrub off the dirt.

Using the old toothbrush you chose for this task, scrub off the window tracks in back and forth motions to remove the dirt. It comes off quickly because the baking soda and vinegar have dissolved the particles. Collect the dirt in a trash paper and throw it away.

Use a butter knife to remove the dirt stuck at the corners

Cleaning between sliding windows becomes problematic due to the dirt that sticks at the corners. Since you have already brushed much of it off, use your butter knife to remove any dirt stuck at the corners. It could be less, but you need to take care of it as well.

Clean with a damp cloth

After cleaning all the dirt, use a damp cloth to clean what is left in the tracks in repeated motions while rinsing out the cloth. Ensure you wipe all the dirt off.

The last wipe

Since you have cleaned all the debris off, put some vinegar mixed with half water in a sprayer and sprinkle between the window as you wipe with a soft cloth. That removes any remaining dirt and disinfects to get rid of any bacteria. With that, your window tracks are spotless.

The final words

With this simple guide, you do not have a reason to neglect that dirt between your sliding windows. If it is too much work for you, it is best to hire professional window cleaning services.

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