The Rustic Soul -Neo Classical Style Residential Interior | Spacekraft Interior Architecture

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The Rustic Soul -Neo Classical Style Residential Interior | Spacekraft Interior Architecture

The client, a chef by profession, entrusted the designing of her Residential Interior  to Spacekraft Interior Architecture, Pune.  She wanted her house to reflect their culture and values but with a contemporary touch. We conceptualised and decided on giving the house an authentic, yet warm and vibrant, touch. A neo classical style with a blend of ethnic elements like raw silk, brass, and natural stones kept the theme alive.


As soon as you approach the house, the traditional, ethnic feel is unmistakeable thanks to the material palette used, along with the slight brass ornamentations. The name plate is a hammered brass plate, handcrafted by a coppersmith, on which the homeowner’s name is laser cut in gun metal.

The “Blue Door” at the entrance is infused with metal Jali work and it gives you a peek of the natural veneered wooden door inside. Once inside, Lord Ganesha greets you, with a beautiful feature wall as the backdrop. A slab of Quartz Marble supports the 21 kg idol, which was acquired from Mangalore and embellished with “Meenakari work”. An indigo chest of drawers sits at the base of the wall cladded with hand-made tiles complementing the tangerine orange raw silk panel and suspended brass bells, which gives the space a period look. The Lord Ganesha handles are custom cast in brass.



All horizontal surfaces have marble tops, which are not only aesthetical but practical as well, in increasing the longevity of the furniture.

The shoe rack is another key element of the entrance foyer. Fabricated from square metal pipe frames, it is lifted off the ground, with a grilled bottom providing much needed ventilation. It has 4 feet tall custom designed brass handles, which are a design element by themselves.

Keeping in mind the senior citizen living with the client, all door frames are equipped with motion sensor LED lights, which aid her in moving around freely in the dark. This also became a design element for the entire house.




The Living room reflects a cosy and cool atmosphere, perfect for anyone to relax. The entire space is done in neat and clean whites with a pop of blue tones here and there to uplift the mood. The 3 feet “brass clock” on the living room wall is customised from laser cut metal sheets for the grey wall. The mysterious leather trunk that you see in the centre is from Calcutta, and it’s not just a coffee table or an antique; it opens into a bar whenever one wants some liquid refreshment!


The cushioned jamb of the corner window makes a perfect nook for reading a book or putting up your feet and looking at the gorgeous mango tree outside. As a contrast, the opposite wall has a water colour wallpaper done in a paisley print.


The 2 red “BERGERE Chairs” are carved from teak wood. These are perfectly suitable for having a quick word with visitors who aren’t staying too long.



At the entrance is an antique solid teak wood hand painted console & mirror, from RA lifestyle store in Pune.


As this room is quite compact, subtle neutral colour tones were used to make the space look larger. The leather finished wardrobe with sleek AL profile handles makes it a part of the room rather than standing out and defining itself as a wardrobe.




This 17-year old is a sports person who is both a golfer and a basketball player. His whole room has green artificial turf on the floor, which gives it a feel of the outdoors. One of the walls supports a Murphy collapsible bed which only comes out at night, leaving the room free and spacious throughout the day. The ceiling has exposed brass conduits with suspended bulbs to give a more rustic feel to the entire room.




This bedroom is done in a more traditional manner with the use of raw silk and light- coloured natural veneers. The armchair and the pedestal lamp make for a perfect corner for the mother to sit and read or weave.





When it came to the kitchen, we had some serious guidelines to follow to satisfy the demands of a professional chef; we had a list of gadgets to fit into the kitchen while keeping it simple and efficient. The kitchen is a little country style with its rustic tile flooring, bordered cabinets and ornamental metal handles along with a pop of blue to it. At one corner a light dining table is placed with an exposed brick wallpaper as the backdrop. A special “Rehau shutter” was installed to house all the handy equipment.




With outdoor vertical green walls, an antique cast iron barbecue sourced from RA lifestyle, Pune, is the perfect addition to host a warm get-together. The water feature adds to the beauty of the space.  The slipper wood flooring, pine wood pergola and the antique brass lanterns extend the traditional vibe of the residence to the terrace.






Location: Pune , Maharastra

Design Team: Ar. Sameer Chaubal, Ar. Tanvi Mehta

Execution team : Supriya Gayakwad, Devendra Choudhary, Bhavika Savant.

Area: 1800 sqft

Project Category: Residential Interior

Year Built: 2018

Client : Mr. Amit and Mrs. Kajal Ambedkar.

Styling: prnav thakore.

Photo Courtesy: Neha Mithbavkar.

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