Samsung The Frame TV: A fresh Take on How A TV Should Be

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In the olden days, the television was simply a wood-enclosed box that sat in the middle of the living room. It had a small screen and it blended well with any living room décor.Fortunately technology improved and along with that manufacturing abilities, design trends and television usage improved as well. These days, the TV has become the center point of the living room—and it’s no longer encased in a boring box. Samsung The Frame TV is an example of how technology has evolved to make our viewing experience an enjoyable one.

Times are changing and the smartphone now controls almost everything. Electronics design now places focus on harmonizing your home décor instead of standing out or making a statement over the numerous electronic devices in your home. The TV is slowly returning to its rightful place—in the background. But wait, there’s a twist!


Samsung The Frame TV: A TV For The Modern Age

The 2019 Samsung The Frame TV release is Samsung’s fresh take on how a TV should fit into our living rooms. The Frame TV comes in 55- or 65-inch options. Just like most flat screen TVs nowadays, it affixes itself to a wall, but rather than just displaying an empty black screen when it’s on standby, it acts as a frame that displays work of arts! You can choose and purchase artworks, paintings, photographs, drawings and other art for the set for $4.99 every month. Samsung The Frame TV automatically adjusts its screen brightness according to the surrounding lighting in the room. It’s screen doesn’t feel like a TV screen at all—that’s what Samsung The Frame TV is all about!

With Samsung The Frame TV’s Art Mode, you can choose artworks and create a playlist out of them. You can even create a playlist of artworks that complement the color scheme or overall theme of the room it is in. These artworks will change at 10 minute to 24-hour intervals depending on your choice. If you want you can also choose to let only one artwork stay on screen.

To complete the TV’s photo frame effect, Samsung lets you choose from four different bezel options (black, white, walnut, and beige wood) so you can coordinate the TV according to the theme or style of your living room. If you feel like changing the style of your Samsung The Frame TV from time to time, you can do it too! The bezels attach via magnet, so feel free to change up any time you want.


Samsung The Frame TV Specs

While The Frame does have a lot of impressive features, it is still a TV. It boasts of a 4K ultra-HD display and HDR10+, which gives you more vivid, clearer, crisper images, and allows you to adjust the brightness scene-by-scene. Just like any smart TV, it has Wi-Fi capability and allows you to access apps such as Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube. It also gives you access to Bixby, Samsung’s own virtual assistant, for voice-based controls and inquiries.

Samsung The Frame TV sticks with the same design trends we’re observing from other connected household electronic devise like Google Home and Amazon’s Echo. These products tend to avoid using the default plain black exterior most consumer home electronics go for. Instead, it opts for designs and materials that match your home’s décor and design. This simply shows how technology is integrated and interwoven throughout our day-to-day life.

Samsung The Frame TV gives home owners the ability to make their TV a part of their home instead of just another boring, boxy device that takes up space in one corner of the house. While Samsung is definitely not the first company to come up with the idea of repurposing the TV screen for something else like displaying art, it is the first to turn it into a reality. The Frame TV simply goes one step further by making your TV not look like one when it’s on standby. It’s a great idea to come home and see art on your wall rather than a boring, black screen.

The best part about Samsung The Frame TV is that it doesn’t look or give off television vibes at all. In fact you can hid it in plain sight as it also functions as hanging wall art. It simply goes beyond being just another smart TV. It senses whenever you or anyone is in the room and automatically displays an artwork. In fact you can choose from more than a hundred pieces of specially curated artworks or perhaps even display your own photos. This might seem and feel like a novelty at first, but it’ll eventually grown into you as your living room (or entertainment room) is no longer confined to being a place where you and your family watches television. It’s also a place where you can view and enjoy art too!


Samsung The Frame TV QLED Display: What’s New?

For the past few months, Samsung has been drumming up hype on its new category of LCD TV: the QLED.

It’s important to understand right from the beginning that QLED TVs, like Samsung The Frame TV, are basically still LCD TVs at their very core. But, they run with the new metal-clad Quantum Dots –an important piece of innovation. Quantum dots are illuminated by bright LED sheets, unlike OLED TVs which are run on millions of organic LEDs.

Samsung is the brainchild behind QLED TVs. Therefore; it doesn’t come as a surprise that they are technically the world’s largest supplier of this technology. And while it could have monopolized the technology and block out competition altogether, it has enabled a number of manufacturers, such as TCL and HiSense, to license it via it’s QLED Alliance.

QLED TVs, like Samsung The Frame TV, have a considerable edge over other types of TVs when it comes to brightness. This isn’t due to software trickery or whatnot, but simply because quantum dots are able to reach brighter hues without losing saturation—something that OLEDs and other types of TVs can’t do. This feature can be very useful in rooms with a lot of surrounding light.

It is also said that QLED TVs are better for HDR content because they have more powerful and easily visible spectral highlights. There’s a bit of a debate on this though, as some people claim that OLED TVs are better for HDR. However, nobody can deny this simple fact: in a room with plenty of surrounding or ambient lighting, a QLED TV’s brightness advantage is more advantageous than OLED’s perfect black levels for delivering that visual punch for HDR content.


Samsung The Frame TV Tizen OS

Samsung the Frame TV’s own operating system, Tizen OS, keeps things organized with its neat menu banner that u can see along the bottom part of the screen.

Although Samsung does not give access to Freeview Play, there are integrated apps available Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, Spotify and other catch-up apps on the app store. A free TVPlus service for different kinds of live-streaming TV content is also available as well.

The main smart hub for Samsung The Frame TV will provide you with a list of films and movies to purchase, channels to watch, and even let you customize the notification settings so you can be alerted whenever your favorite TV show, or favorite sports team, is on! It’s quite a useful feature, don’t you think so?

This is in addition to the option to input your favorite genres (comedy, drama, sports, news, etc) and make sure they get top priority when you’re listing channels on the home page.

However, the main focus of Samsung The Frame TV isn’t its catch-up services or features, despite that fact that it IS still a TV. The main focus is the Art Store.

What’s Samsung TV The Frame’s Art Store? It is the place where you can access countless paintings and artworks you can display on your TV screen. The artworks and paintings are specially curated from collections at the Tate Gallery, Van Gogh Museum, and the V & A Museum, giving you a wider range of art collections than its original 100-picture offering. These artworks are from different categories such as wildlife, landscape, architecture, and more!

Samsung The Frame TV lets you ceate your own “playlist” of images and artworks to switch or shift between regular intervals. As we’ve previously mentioned, you also have the option to just display a single photo (an artwork or your very own photos) 24/7. This transforms your $2,000+ television into a huge and impressive digital picture frame.



Samsung The Frame TV is a boldly designed television that incorporates artistic sensibility. Samsung has reinvented the television as something more than just an impersonal object in the living room but as an aesthetic décor.

If you’re looking for a television that contributes to the décor of your home rather than just be another boring black box, then Samsung The Frame TV is a beautifully crafted appliance that will fit your needs to a Tee.


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