The Resounding Modest House | Niket Bagul

The Resounding Modest House | Niket Bagul

A multi-generational home that beautifully upholds a family of four. This modest house speaks about the character of all individuals of the family. Rudolf Steiner, An Austrian philosopher once stated that “The house of language, the speaking house, the house that is alive in all its wall.”

While designing the house, the architect has drawn inspiration from this and has created a house in such a way that in every resounding element of this house is Inspirative and gives the client and his family a space that has a potential to provide an experience of serenity and peace, and yet a place to celebrate with family and friends. The Apartment A802 is distinguished for its extraordinary spaces and conglomeration of materials that fit in together to form a story.

Vist: Niket Bagul

The challenge while designing a house for the businessman was to accommodate two stark personalities: The client and his kids. On the one hand, the client wanted a royal design and on the other hand, the kids have a modern outlook for their spaces. The designer took a different approach and tried to understand the nuances of each personality and gave a solution that upheld the Indian values and the royalness that the client holds dear such as materials, timepieces, and artifacts in a very minimal yet modern style.

The architect being an avid photographer tends to design, keeping in mind frames; thereby creating a sequence and merging spaces with one another and blurring the boundaries of inside and outside.

The house opens up with a modest entry foyer, which is distinguished with a wooden texture finished wall cabinet and base unit that acts as shoe storage, creating a stark contrast against a dark grey cladding feature wall. Moving ahead, one is thrown into a hugely enjoyable living room with its intricate layout. The spacious living room imparts a feeling of grandeur to the visitors and extends into a tranquil open dining space.

This living area is juxtaposed to the modular kitchen which has a parapet level wall to open up the kitchen into the living yet keeping it private. The living area acts as a huge gathering space to allow people to celebrate good times as the client likes to host functions and family get-togethers.

The most striking feature of the living area is the wooden textured laminate cladding panel that when opened reveals the storeroom behind. Another strong element in the living room is the blue-colored sofa, which is judiciously chosen to create a focal point in the room. The living overlooks a terrace, which has a green wall panel, a cozy corner for the family to relax and unwind in the urban landscape.

The house is in a monochromatic palette with clean sharp lines and geometrical forms and the whole house is devoid of handles. The 3 bedrooms are designed as per each personality. The master bed is integrated with a closet and a canopy bed. The client has a taste for royal liking and hence the bed is designed as a modern interpretation of a typical royal Rajasthani bed.

In the son’s bed, it’s the black wardrobe that brought great definition to the composition of the whole space. The bed back wall is cladded with a mirror, along the whole length of the bed at the eye level to make the room look bigger.

The daughter’s room is visually unique in terms of material, textures, and colors. Being a fashion designer, the girl’s room has been given a glamorous look with the yellow of a sofa, mix of the carpet, the statuario cladded bed back, sleek stylish hanging lights and contrast of colors.

The resounding house is defined by a fine balance between the light and heavy with the clever use of material, textures, massing, and furniture. The house is generously insulated and well ventilated to make the place fresh, attractive and cheerful to keep the family members invigorated.

Fact File:

Architect: Niket Bagul

Project Name: Apartment A802, The Resounding House

Location: Park Landmark, Bibwewadi, Pune

Area: 1400 sq. ft.

Photographs Courtesy: Niket Bagul

Content Writing Courtesy: Nishali Bante Bhosale



About Architect

Niket Bagul is an alumnus of Sinhagad College of Architecture, Pune. He has been practicing architecture since 2015 and has been a significant architect with unparalleled knowledge and experience and he stills wants to keep learning and exploring through designs and methodology. He considers himself an artist and believes in following ideologies of the great minds of all creative fields. His approach is minimalist and modern. Apart from architecture, he is a prodigious graphic designer and a splendid photographer, which also influences his overall work.

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