• Why you need a hybrid table saw in your workshop

    When it comes to working with wood, there is no tool more important to a woodworking shop then the table saw. Gone are the days of sawing wood with a saw, which used a lot of time and energy. Now, you can use a table saw to cut any material entirely without your muscles wasting away. As you approach the prime woodworking season, it will be time for you to start looking for a table saw. A hybrid table saw is the best of both worlds when it comes to both weight and power. As you read the article below, we will layout our reasons for why you need a hybrid table saw in your workshop. There is much to consider, so please pay attention.

    What is a hybrid table saw?

    A hybrid table saw is built to be a substitute for both a cabinet maker saw and a contractor saw. It is compact but heavy, safe but powerful, and high-quality but with a low price tag. If you want to see which hybrid table saws are dominating the market, you can find some in Sawinery’s comprehensive review.

    Reasons, why you need a hybrid table, saw in your workshop

    Lighter in weight

    If you are still using a cabinet saw, but feel burdened by its heavyweight, you will want to switch to a hybrid saw. It weighs less than other table saws because it is small, and there aren’t many large parts inside of it besides the blade and the motor.

    Same power, smaller package

    Compared to the carpenter saw and the cabinet maker’s saw, the hybrid saw was made for small jobs and hobbyists who woodwork from their own homes. They are designed to be compact and sit in one area without needing to be moved often. But what the hybrid saw lacks in size, it makes up for in power. Hybrid table saws are usually just as powerful as a carpenter or contractor saw.

    Improved Safety guards and certifications

    Cutting off one or more of fingers while using a table saw is an ordinary reality for those in woodworking. Every year, new generations of tech go into making table saws that are safe and even turn off when the blade detects the human tissue from our finger.

    It’s easier to clean

    Most hybrid table saws catch much of the sawdust underneath the blade instead of allowing it to spray everywhere as a regular table saw would. The motor is located inside of the chamber below the blade. This is to keep dust and grime from breaking the motor. This chamber can be easily cleaned out of all the sawdust and trash with a cloth.

    What to take away from this article

    A hybrid table saw is a machine born to be small and pack a lot of power. They may be expensive, but tables saws can last a lifetime with the proper maintenance. If you are looking for a hybrid table saw to assist you in the creation of woodworking projects, make sure to buy purchase one with a five year to a lifetime warranty. And always be sure to wear gloves!

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