The House From Memories And Emotions | Studio 603

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The House From Memories And Emotions | Studio 603

This house brings back a strong connection to the roots of the old home of the client. It has been designed in a manner in which it is nostalgic to keep them holding to the memories of the house they have spent their lives in up to now.


This house is an interpretation of approach and behavioral pattern towards life style of the inhabitant.  The bold lines and screen are formation of simple and identical way of thinking. Use of colors connects these lines with the touch of personification. The house with contemporary design of spaces is ornamented by beautiful notches and eclectic elements. Crafting the passage and pauses leading to various spaces with light effects and artifact makes intellectual dialogue between individual and abode. Every decor narrates woven intimacy of function and emotion simultaneously. Colors play the role of narrative expressions of the house and interactive tool between soul of living and aura of enclosure.

The idea was to keep the space simple with straight lines and welcoming aura. The design ideology for the three bedroom apartment involves keeping the public areas rich and warm by uniting them with colors and accessories. It includes a simple color palette and the use of material like glass, wood, metal such as brass and steel.

Entrance as the first pause of movement exposes character of the house. The screen made from brass is a key element to separate foyer and living room to achieve privacy. Repetitive pattern of small lines of each leaf identifies calmness and completeness in various forms. The brass screen and the ceiling have been well juxtaposition as an abstract of natural elements symbolizing warmth. The lights filtering through the leaves cut in the ceiling marks a cozy and welcoming entry. The combination of small brass leaves in flow along with light directs rhythm of movement.


Core area of cooking and dining adjoining the entrance is a knit organization of an interactive area for the family members; the artifact on the dinning wall with a beautiful giraffe family symbolizes the same. The amalgamation has been imitated in design with combination of wood, glass and Italian marble finishes, where the color of chairs act as transitional element in harmony of these elements. The articulated back of glass wall engraved with the same small leaves pattern at counter top illustrate the continuity of lines and change in genre of activity as space. The dining space is demarcated with steam beech wooden ceiling.

The nature of Italian marble finish gives justification to the translation of formal and informal interaction at the Living area. The wooden TV paneling with groove pattern seamlessly emerge with contextual surface and finishes although appeal as elegant element with warmth of faded lighting. A rich tone of blue on the wall along the panel, together with the texture and pattern of fabric spices up the informal sitting space. The art work in stone above the formal sitting space signifies the gathering in an abstract figure. The Balcony sheltered an intersperse niche of peaceful evening for family.

The classic Master Bedroom with wooden flooring and floral fabric reflects the simplistic life of the owner. Prominent darker facade of the furniture in contrast of the floor acquires the backdrop calmly.

Parent room ivory and brown wooden palette with soft line texture gives calmness and comfortable nature of space.




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