Telltale Signs You Need to Hire a Licensed Roofing Contractor ASAP!

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In the roofing industry, they always say, “a roof is always tight when it’s dry.” So what about when it’s wet? Does that mean that a roof becomes loose? Well, that could be the case but it’s all dependent on how well your roof was installed in the first place.

Every home is going to need repairs at some point, whether it’s cracks in your home’s foundation or insulating your home… Some of these repairs are easy enough for you to do on your own but when it comes to any type of repairs that have to do with your roof, you need to hire a licensed roofing contractor immediately.

Why immediately?

You want to hire a roofing contractor as soon as you possibly can simply because your roof is one of the most important parts of your home! It protects you from the outdoor elements and when there’s damage to your roof, it can lead to those outdoor elements finding their way inside your home.


For some homes, it’s not as easy to tell when your roof needs to be repaired or replaced. But other homes have those telltale signs that let you know it’s definitely time to have repairs or a replacement done. Unfortunately, homeowners tend to put off those repairs until their home has suffered further damage from the initial damages.

If your home is displaying these telltale signs of roof damage, don’t procrastinate and waste time waiting to get those repairs done… hire a licensed roofing contractor as soon as you see these recognizable signs.

Telltale Signs to Hire a Licensed Roofing Contractor

Your Roof Leaks

Of all the telltale signs that let you know to hire a licensed roofing contractor, a leaking roof should let you know! When it rains outside and you have to put buckets under the leaks to catch the water, then you know that it’s a problem worthy of immediate attention.

Whether your home is needing a roof repair or replacement, it’s still a pretty big renovation project, therefore, you need to prepare your home for it. With a leak, you could experience more water and even pieces of the ceiling falling down, so you want to make sure to protect your floors and furniture during this process.

Your Home’s Interiors Have an Increase in Humidity

If it’s humid outside, your home’s interiors shouldn’t feel humid as well. When the inside of your home feels humid, it’s typically due to moisture seeping in through your roof. When excessive moisture from outdoors enters your home, it can lead to discoloration on your walls and ceiling, and mold.

Once you have mold in your home, that’s a whole new expense to take care of in addition to your roof’s moisture problem. So, the sooner you can get your moisture problem under control, the less likely you’re going to have a mold problem in your home. 

Plant Life is Growing From Your Roof

If you happen to notice some greenery on your roof, it’s definitely a telltale sign that you need to hire a roofing contractor ASAP! The greenery you see on your roof is more than likely going to be moss and it certainly doesn’t belong on your roof. 

According to, moss thrives in damp and shady areas, which is typically found on the northernmost part of the roof… this is also the area that receives the least amount of sunlight. Homeowners will sometimes try and remove the moss themselves but it’s certainly not recommended.

If you’re seeing moss growth, that more than likely means that there are some boards or plywood beneath the shingles that are rotting. And the more moss that grows on your roof, the higher chance your home is going to experience loose shingles, which if not repaired in time, could lead to needing an entire roof replacement.

Your Roof is Simply Old

Some homes were built in the early 1900s and even earlier than that, and rarely had any upgrades or renovations over the years. Lots of homeowners are very careful with certain renovations, especially on older homes because they don’t want the home to lose its character. 

That’s perfectly understandable because homes that were built in the early 1900s have a completely different design than modern homes today. But when it comes to roof repairs or even roof replacement, you have to consider the safety of yourself and your family first… Older roofs present a higher risk of collapsing, putting your entire family in danger.


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  • When you mentioned that an increase in humidity may be a problem, I recall noticing something like this recently. I thought it was just me, but it seemed like our house was getting “Stickier” the colder it became. Now that I know what this could be caused by, I’ll have a roofer stop by right away so they can fix it.

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