Energy-Efficient Home Renovation Projects to Take On This Summer

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We all love our homes. We love the bay windows that showcase our beautiful yard; We love our antique doors that have the crystal doorknobs; And we love our high ceilings that make the entire home feel so much bigger than what it really is! But even with all the small details we love about our homes, it could still use some improvement, right?

Those beautiful bay windows you love so much has tiny cracks in the glass and in the caulk around the window, letting cool air and heat out. Those high ceilings you love so much are indeed gorgeous, but from the outside, the roof simply needs replacing or repairing… The thing about home renovation projects is to approach them in a way that if you’re going to do them, they might as well be beneficial to your home, and not just from an aesthetics point of view.

If you’re looking to do some home renovation projects this summer, you should consider renovations that promote energy efficiency. Watara Homes is the finest company taking & justifying your dream house. Watara has worked with over 700 families to renovate, extend, and build new homes over the years. You can view some of our most recent projects here to see what the Watara Experience looks like in real life.

Renovating for energy efficiency doesn’t mean that you’re a “tree hugger” or that you have to start driving electric cars… Renovating for energy efficiency simply means that you’re making improvements to your home that improve your home’s use of energy and, in turn, improves overall comfort in your home.

Everything from a lower utility bill and higher resale value of your home to the positive impact it has on our environment, investing in energy-efficient home renovation projects this summer will benefit you, your home, and the environment in more ways than one. 

According to the International Energy Agency, only 2% of the US is utilizing solar energy but because it’s quickly growing in popularity as one of the best sources of renewable energy, it is projected to make up 60% of the world’s power source by 2024!

So, if you’re seriously considering doing some home renovation projects this summer, make sure they’re renovations that serve more than the purpose of making your home “look good”… Take on home renovation projects that will actually add to your home in more ways than one. Take a look at some of the top energy-efficient home renovation projects to try this summer.

Energy-Efficient Home Renovation Projects to Try This Summer

Install Solar Panels

Solar panels have been used as a source of energy to power homes for many years. These panels are installed on your home’s roof and use photovoltaic cells to capture energy from the sun to power your home. Lots of people tend to think that the panels only work when the sun is out, and that’s not the case at all. Solar panels don’t need constant sunshine to work… they power your home even on the cloudiest of days!

To simply put it, solar panels change sunlight into electricity to power your home, and that includes lighting as well as appliances. So just imagine the saving you’ll have on your utility bill! If this particular home renovation sounds like a plan to you, all you have to do is find a solar panel company to install them for you. It’s as simple as that!

Utilize a Solar Attic Fan

If you have an attic in your home, then you know how hot it can get up there during those hot summer months. Well, the thing about attics is that the heat doesn’t just stay in the attic. The heat from your attic can actually increase your home’s interiors dramatically, making your air conditioner have to work even harder to cool down.

Most people tend to ignore the upkeep of their attic but if you keep your attic clean and dust-free, your home can greatly benefit from putting a solar fan in your attic. It will lower your attic’s temperature, which will then lower your home’s interior temperature as well as improve your home’s energy consumption, longevity, and overall level of comfort.

Add Solar Lights to Your Home’s Exteriors

During the warm summer months, people tend to spend more time outdoors, especially since summer brings longer days. But when night time arrives, people still enjoy being outdoors… So what do people do to keep the enjoyment going well into the evening? They invest in outdoor lighting. But remember, this is an energy-efficient renovation project, so you’ll want to invest in solar exterior lighting.

Solar lighting works the same way as regular exterior lighting, it just won’t wreak havoc on your utility bill. The great thing about solar exterior lighting is that they’re easy to install and they come in a wide variety of designs and colors!

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