Prepping Your Home for a Major Renovation Project – How to Protect Furniture, Flooring, and Belongings During a Reno

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Home renovations tend to be a very exciting and yet stressful time for homeowners. Obviously, there is excitement around what will be made of their new space, and how functional and beautiful it will look, but the renovation process isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea. Home renovations can be lengthy, create all kinds of mess and disorganization in the room, leave you with very little space to live during the renovation, and just turn your life upside down.

One thing you want to be very aware of is how important it is to prep your home before any renovation project begins. After all the time and money you spent renovating the home, the last thing you want to deal with is replacing the flooring, repainting walls, and buying new furniture simply because it was all damaged during the renovation.

Here are some useful steps you can take before the reno begins which will help to protect your home.

Move Furniture Out of the Way

The first step in prepping the home is to move furniture out of the way. If you are just working in one room of your home, ideally you want to remove all the furniture in there so that you are free to move about and the furniture is kept safe. If you’re working in multiple spaces, it’s best to go one room at a time and move the furniture as needed. Sometimes pushing it into the center of the room is good enough.

Just be sure to cover your furniture completely with old sheets or drop cloths. Make the assumption that accidents and spills will happen, so cover your furniture accordingly.

Protect the Floors

Provided you aren’t installing new floors, then you’ll want to take the appropriate steps to cover up the existing flooring. Accidents such as paint spills and splatters, water spills, gouges and scratches, and a build-up of dust and debris can all take a serious toll on your flooring.

Trimaco makes a heavy duty flooring paper that is meant to be used during construction projects to protect the flooring. This paper is extremely durable and long-lasting, breathable, and is able to repel minor spills. Besides flooring, it can also be used on stairs, cabinets, and your countertops. The heavy-duty paper is 1.5 times thicker than the traditional builder’s paper.

Make Sure There Is a Clear Path In and Out of the House

If you have hired contractors, then you can expect a fair amount of foot traffic in and out of the home. With that in mind, you want to give them a clear path from the outdoors right into the renovation space. That means removing furniture and objects in the way and protecting the flooring by creating a pathway.

Relocate Pets During the Renovation or Have Them Locked Up

For homeowners that own pets – cats and dogs – renovations aren’t the best time to have them wandering free. They can escape out of the door while people are coming and going, they may spill materials on the floor, knock things over, and just basically get in the way. It’s best to send them to a friend or family member’s house during this time or have them locked up safely in a room or crate.

All of these tips will help to protect your home during your big renovation project.

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