Tata Motors Offices – Mumbai | Sankalpan Infrastructure

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Tata Motors Offices – Mumbai | Sankalpan Infrastructure

Sankalpan Infrastructure designed the new offices of Indian automobile manufacturer Tata Motors, located in Mumbai, India.

Tata Motor’s (TML) new office is designed to resonate with the working generation that is agile & autonomous in its attitude, yet maintains their core business philosophy intact. The primary objective was to move from TML’s conventional, hierarchical style of working towards a more interactive, social, collaborative and flexible environment; a more communal open office setup which also offered financial benefits by occupying optimal real estate & minimising costs to reconfigure areas when the organisation grows and changes in the future.


The inspiration for the visual character of the space was drawn from the trove of indigenous automobile elements, translated literally or metaphorically. The graphics from Tata’s futuristic hybrid car Megapixel are used sporadically across the office on screens, partitions and on branding elements. Most exciting feature of the space is the giant tyre running parallel to the open office creating an endless virtual loop with a sense of motion & speed. The cafeteria is designed to mimic the famous “Marine Drive” and “Girgaon Chowpaty” with pictures of famous South Bombay landmarks adorning the walls.

To enhance the wellness quotient, the layout allows for maximum sunlight penetration infusing life into the work-space. The terraces are landscaped to offer a beautiful vista when inside and an escape to the outsides to break away from the monotony of grinding work – a rare luxury in concrete jungle of Mumbai.

Tata Motors is a pioneer in innovation; their office space is a manifestation of their corporate values and Sankalpan’s own design philosophy – ideas should defy time.


DesignSankalpan Infrastructure
Photography: Prashant Bhat



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