• A Natural-Light Filled House With Sober and Minimal Designed Elements | House Of Ruya

    “While the perfectly curated indoors rightly make up for a house to be home, this residence beholds its interior environment bloom due to the immense goodness of natural light and having spaces that accommodate the same.”- Nishal Sevak(Co-Editor)

    The home had an open layout as soon as you entered the space. We decided to create a sense of boundary before you completely immersed yourself in the space. A natural-light filled house with sober and minimal designed elements. A metal and wooden fin partition was designed to create a visual and physical boundary. The wooden fins were placed at an angle thereby aiding in cutting direct view into the kitchen while creating a sense of dynamism when you walk past them. This carved out niche also housed a custom designed console with perforated metal mesh doors for shoe storage and drawers for last minute grabs.

    A Natural-Light Filled House With Sober and Minimal Designed Elements | House Of Ruya

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    The layout of the foyer guides you into the living room. Flooded with natural light this space had a traditional layout with seating set up facing a TV wall. All the furniture was custom designed to suit the space and the style of design. The warm white sofa was paired with lounge chairs that added the pop element to the space.

    The chairs were clad in dual style fabric to stay connected with the surrounding space while still standing out. The grey fabric from vaya had a botanical print tying to the surrounding and the clients’ love for nature.

    A sleek media console sits on one side of the living room with concrete textured back panels. The perforated shutters from the foyer repeat here to create a continuity and flow in terms of the material and textures used in the space. A minimal off centred light fixture serves as a visual interest while breaking away the symmetry.

    Many types of indirect lighting were introduced in the space to allow flexibility in terms of the usage of the space. On the other side of the foyer partition lies the dining, pooja and the kitchen. The pooja and dining were placed side by side owing to the space.

    By using glass shutters with teak wood frames only on top and bottom, the spaces still felt larger and yet created the required partitioning. The pooja was filled with natural light by the sky light. We made it a point to keep the space minimal, modern and yet traditional.

    We opted for materials that were textured which could come to life with the play of light and shadow. A terracotta colored stone veneer was chosen as the backdrop with a traditional patterned vitrified tile in the foreground.

    Both the stone veneer and tile was chosen from a maintenance point of view without compromising the look. Brass and wood pattis accentuate the elements while also adding to the traditional vibe of the space.

    A simple muted custom dining table was placed in front of the pooja. The brass element from the adjoining space is seen is the leg detail of the chairs and table The brass detailing extends to the  sunlit niche next to the pooja and dining. The concrete textured wallpaper with a daybed completes the space.

    Adjoining the pooja is also the kitchen. Acrylic and laminated shutters were opted for maintenance. The colors were chosen to be an extension of the living and dining as the space was visible and connected to both.

    The parents’ bedroom is the only private space on the ground floor. The bedroom was smaller in size. Soft pastel hues were opted with lighter wood tones to bring in a sense of tranquility at the same time making it feel bigger.

    One wall was covered with the wardrobe and  daybed next to the window opening to lush greenery. Since the client requested for more storage space we included a console opposite the bed with oak chevron pattern on the fascia which was also continued on the bed headboard.

    A fluted glass storage with a full mirror was also introduced on the other side of the room. The use of lighter wood tone yet accentuating them with darker wood created the necessary contrast in an otherwise calm and muted space.

    The beige marble flooring continued on the stairs to the first floor. A simple glass and teak wood handrail was designed to keep the stairway clutter free. Botanical art work was placed along the stairway helping us take the concept to the upper floor.

    A large mural welcomes you to the first floor. Since the stairways open into a large mute wall again with ample daylight, we decided to celebrate and bring it to life with a hand painted mural by a local artist. This mural was a sum of all the colors  we used across the home. It also resonated with the concept of nature which the client really loved. The space was conceived with a built-in seating where we decided to clad with the same marble as the floor to make the space feel bigger while it is easy to maintain a large seating like this when compared to something upholstered. Loose cushions and throws help soften the coldness of the stone. This space turned out to be a multipurpose area with a lot of possibilities.

    The upper lounge connects you to a small study/library, a guest bedroom and the master bedroom. Pop of green revisits in the master bedroom. A large 9’ ht sliding wardrobe next to a simple work desk with botanical themed wallpaper from kalakarihaat completes one side of the room.

    A custom designed king size bed with a patterned veneer headboard gives a contemporary feel to the space. The green continues on the curtains and the TV console in front of the bed. The vertical lines from the headboard are seen to be mimicked on the console fascia. Adjacent to the TV wall is the walk in wardrobe.

    A sliding metal door with frosted glass was designed to create privacy yet bring in light from the bedroom.

    The small walk in included a dresser and a wardrobe. Full length mirrors were added to give an illusion of larger space, while the teak wood dresser hid ample storage behind the mirror. The master bedroom had a playful and cheerful vibe with terrazzo tiles and bright colored cabinetry.

    We opted for darker flooring inside the bedrooms to contrast the marble in the common areas while it also added to the coziness of the space. The guest bedroom is a simple clean space with ample storage for the family and a queen sized bed from Home work living for the guests completed with art frames and a jute light above the bed.

    The library or the study is a color filled space with a strong nature inspired wall paper and against is a custom designed transparent bookshelf. The green makes an appearance here with the perforated shutters at the bottom. The space houses the clients work desk on the opposite side and a sliding door to secure the space and provide privacy while working.

    Fact File

    Designed by : House Of Ruya

    Project Type : Residential interior Design

    Project Name : Mid Summer Sage

    Location : Sahakarnagar, Bangalore

    Year Built : 2023

    Duration of the project : 8 Months

    Project Size : 2500 Sq.ft

    Principal Architect : Ar. Aishwarya Govind

    Design Credits : Ar. Nitra Isaac

    Photograph Courtesy : Nayan Soni Photography

    Products / Materials / Vendors : Foyer – Pendant – Orange tree homes / Living – Fabric – Vaya Fabrics, Curtains – Curtain Avenue, Pendant – Prism Lights, Architectural Lighting  – Dalis Lighting, Laminates – Royal Touche, Rugs – Rug berry, Floor lamp – Orange tree homes / Pooja – Stone veneer – Skinner, Tiles – Kaveri Ceramic World / Niche – Light – White Teak company, Wallpaper – Asian paints / Kitchen –Tiles – Graffiti, Countertop – Kamal Ceramics / Stairway – Artprints – Dessine art, studio artemis / Parents bedroom – Handles/Knobs – Mantara, Studio made, Bed – Custom made / Master Bedroom –Wallpaper – Kalakaarihaat / Guest bedroom – Bed – Home work Living, Light – Ikiru, Library Wallpaper – Asian Paints.

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