Space that Exudes Simplicity, Texturally Rich Yet Minimal | House Of Ruya

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This minimal space was created with the clients’ growing family in mind and making sure that the home is an extension of themselves and not just a space they occupy. Minimal materials are used in various textures to ensure we created definition, depth and interest alongside the simplicity that the space exudes.

Space that Exudes Simplicity, Texturally Rich Yet Minimal | House Of Ruya

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Living room

The TV unit headlines the living room, standing out both in size and in texture. Following the language of the foyer, a backlit fluted wood panel runs along the top TV unit, it is followed by a black storage with irregular shelving to add a little bit more drama to the muted piece which is placed in front of a textured beige back panel. The entire unit creates a texturally rich yet minimal statement for the living room.

Pooja room

The pooja room continues in the wood texture and is housed in the double height space of the apartment, which, due to it’s scale makes a perfect fit for a sizable and grandeur pooja mandapa. The mandapa is adorned with brass detailing at the top, drawing attention to its height. The inside of the pooja room is accentuated by a fluted wooden panel which when paired with the soft white light pouring down from the glass ceiling that connects the pooja room to the rest of the double height, becomes a luxe and befitting home for the Gods. 

The pooja room is accompanied by a crockery unit and a display unit on either side. The display unit is bathed in warm yellow lighting making it stand out even beside the elegant and grandeur pooja room. Altogether, this unit acts as a luxe oasis to the otherwise minimal and simple home.


The kitchen is a harmonious mix of convenience and aesthetics. The element of interest of the space is the FENIX laminate used to finish the handleless shutters to ease out the maintenance process for the clients. The space remains true to the theme of the house with its beige overhead shutters and the brown cabinets on the bottom, both tied in by the marbled white tile backsplash.

Guest bedroom

From the custom coloured fluted panels acting as a headboard to the wood featured in the TV unit to the small walk-in closet where we featured a sliding mirror door to make the closet appear larger. Every element in this room is placed to keep it simple and chic.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom is accentuated by greige and ivory fluted panels for a headboard and a light coloured study table nestled in a warm corner by the entrance of the bedroom.

It also houses a walk-in closet which is separated from the bedroom by a frosted glass and metal sliding door and is home to floor to ceiling height wardrobes with a lighter finish and is highlighted by the black handles that run all the way to the top creating a very subtle yet effective path for the eyes to travel.

The space is warm, comforting and toned down just right for a working client like ours to unwind in after a long day.

The library encompasses everything a home library should be. Nestled in a cosy corner that came with the house, it is warm and inviting, just what our client; an avid reader with a sizable collection of books, needed. Clean lines of the floating shelves maintain the simplistic language and help keep the small nook clean and the soft glow of the profile lights that bathe the area make it the perfect space for a nice little reading break

The terrace.

The private terrace came with lush green views all around, all it needed was a few ambient lighting tweaks to make it absolutely perfect for a sunday picnic or a small gathering with friends. 

Fact File

Designed by: House of Ruya

Client Name : Mrs. Smitha & Mr. Srini

Project type: Residence Interior Design

Project Size: 2500 Sqf.t

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Year built:  2022

Principal Architect: Aishwarya Govind

Photography courtesy : phosartstudio

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Firm’s Facebook Link: House Of Ruya

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