A Confluence Of Classic Interior Design With Modern Undertones In This 4BHK Duplex | 39 Desiign Studio

The clients were deeply fond of black and white, and we wanted to incorporate the shades in a bold, impactful manner. Sprawling across 4,000 sqft in a confluence of classic interior design with modern undertones in this 4BHK duplex in Gurugram, Haryana, that exudes a subtle, breathable luxury. The designer duo, Insha Soni and Keshav Ahuja, co-founders[Read More]

Communication With Spaces Through Green Design And Open Circulation | AURA

Nature’s Abode is a residence designed for the Gargs who are located in the town, Shahabad, Haryana – A place of extreme temperatures. In a setting of such extreme temperatures and dry weather condition, creating a residence came with few challenges of its own. Proposing materials that cater to the weather conditions throughout the season[Read More]

This Home in Haryana Exhibits Rustic Elegance with a blend of Eclectic Textures | architecture aNew

Inspired by the context and elements of Morni’s surroundings, the Bhuri Cottage has been conscious and exhibits rustic elegance designed to create a contemporary retreat amidst the beauty of the Shivaliks. Situated on a hill, the irregular shape of the site has been used to develop the ‘L’ shaped plan for the cottage which flawlessly[Read More]

This Home in NCR Showcases the Best of Contemporary Chic Design | Gunpreet Kaur Designs

C’est Si Bon is a French word for “It’s so good” nestled in a plethora of sunlight. This Contemporary Chic Design house opens up to a beautifully lit lounge area followed by a formal living area.  This Home in NCR Showcases the Best of Contemporary Chic Design | Gunpreet Kaur Designs Visit: Gunpreet Kaur Designs[Read More]

Distinctively Luxurious Abode Generously gathered with Artistic Elements | J+AM STOREY

A journey of creating a home, a meditative sanctum quite often begins with several ideas, inspirations, and imaginations. It’s surprising that Catenary House discreetly paves a certain direction for movement in the design language that cloaks the entire residence. Orderly yet not monotonous, playful yet systematically asymmetrical narrates each resident’s daily lives and their interaction[Read More]

Modernist but Cozy Home retaining its Soothing Simplicity | Omega Arc + Design

The client approached to craft a 1550 sq ft. 3 bhk flat located in Gurugram that had a minimalist, modernist appearance while yet being luxurious and comfortable. The vision of the architects was to give distinct look to each corner and room of the house keeping in mind its utility. In order to balance the[Read More]

This Indian Home revives Cultural Values through Spatial Planning | Khudrrang Design Studio

Imagining a few strangers meet each other, start playing Jazz, and then adding an Indian classical instrument to play some unconventional compositions, was the inspiration behind the design. Experiencing this indian home while going from outside to inside is just like Jazz, fancy at first glance but potentially transcending as the music grows. This Indian[Read More]

Clean-Lined Contemporary and Soulful Living Space for this Residence in Gurgaon | Storey Tellers Design Studio

A mix of luxury and simple colour-play formulate an elegantly quirky ensemble in the heights of Gurgaon city. Situated on the twenty-fifth floor of DLF The Ultima, this three-bedroom residence belongs to a young millennial couple. When Storey Tellers Design Studio conceptualised the interiors for this space, they focussed on the new age requirements of[Read More]

Workspace Design that Leverages Creativity & Optimism through its Systematic Design Decisions | Envisage

Tactical architectural planning is crucial in the curation of memorable spatial experiences, more importantly in workspace design. There is a growing need for bespoke solutions, not just for the user, but specific to the context and requirements of a space. In post-pandemic workspace design, there is a need to recognize highly transformative planning methods, where[Read More]

Contemporary Design Extravagance with Playful Textures | Recreo

Contemporary Design Extravagance with Playful Textures | Recreo Visit: : Recreo Located in the posh society of Tata Primanti in Sector-72, Gurgaon, this  Contemporary Design three bedroom apartment was designed for a young couple and their 3 year old son.The color scheme is simple with a beautiful blend of teak wood used in the paneling.[Read More]