Instilling Collaboration and Cooperation with this Contemporary Office Space in Vadodara | Manoj Patel Design Studio

Birthed out of a need in the recent past, pre-covid office spaces functioned significantly as modern or contemporary office spaces, assimilating people, following the schedules, and achieving planned numbers and targets. The need for collaborative and cooperative workspaces has tweaked the systemic design process of designing an office. The MPDS office not only revives the[Read More]

Restaurant Designed With Subtle Reflection of both Tropical and Sophistication | Vivid Decor

This restaurant flourishes in the capital of Gujarat, this restaurant’s interior design has an uncluttered and natural ambiance where customers can relax and enjoy the delicious food. A 750 sq.ft. space designed by Vivid Decor is a sophistication subtle reflection of both tropical and sophistication. To create a great atmosphere, our modern restaurant design incorporates striking[Read More]

Hues of Grey and Brown to Create an Enigmatic Feel to this Modern Home | Stucco Interiors and Architects

Hues of grey and brown create an enigmatic feel to this modern home. In this four-bedroom apartment, each space has a story to narrate beginning with our point of focus, the vestibule. Stucco Intеriоr Dеѕign is a full-service intеriоr design firm ѕресiаlizing in соmрrеhеnѕivе interior dеtаiling and space рlаnning. Hues of Grey and Brown to Create an[Read More]

Top 20 Architects & Interior Designers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

We have listed the 20 Best Architects and Designers in and around Ahmedabad, Gujarat who has shaped some of the best architectural residences and commercial spaces. Of the many architects in Ahmedabad, these shortlisted few are the ones with an array of award-winning projects done by them that puts them over the edge which will[Read More]

Warm and Tactile Minimalism | Méranti

Meranti design philosophy was to create a soothing minimalism space for the client, hence we incorporated calmer tones to make the space look brighter and larger in scale. The colours and details of the space are intricately focused to bring tranquillity and subtility, a contemporary office with an overlay of classic accents. Warm and Tactile[Read More]

Rooted in Simplicity and Minimalism : The Floating Courtyard House | Traanspace

Set in a mundane neighborhood in the city of Vadodara surrounded by residential and commercial plots, the Floating Courtyard House is a response to the client’s brief of wanting a unique and functional home. Rooted in simplicity and minimalism, it stands there strikingly and completely in harmony with its surroundings to provide the user with a house[Read More]

Weekend Home using Joyful Palette & Contemporary Design Aesthetics | Bobby Suthar Designs Pvt Ltd.

The project depicts the new traditional path and modern culture acquiring the adaption of both phases as a whole. We have sustained our meets without compromising the client’s requirements. The design has the capacity to endure in a relatively ongoing global phase. The overall theme is an adaption of daily life and nature-nurtured life. The[Read More]

Striking, Inviting and Vibrant Interiors make for this Ethnic Indian Home in Vadodara | De’Caves by Chitte Architects

A classical-contemporized modern-day ‘HAVELI’ is located in the suburbs of Vadodara city. The major concept revolved around designing the spaces as ‘present-day’ yet keeping the essence of the ‘traditional aesthetics’. Thus, it aimed to be a minimal, user-centric, and conventional Indian home design. Striking, Inviting and Vibrant Interiors make for this Ethnic Indian Home in[Read More]

An Intentionally Therapeutic Environment Built in this Farm House | Design Work Group

What is more beautiful than to be waking up by the sounds of birds, to be able to inhale the fresh earthy scent and witnessing the rising sun? Located approximately 10kms away from the city of Surat, this farm house is a home to not just its occupants, but also a peaceful place for various flora[Read More]

A workplace that reveals an Unconventional Finesse with Industrial Design | Space Theory

The client’s only requirement was to have a contemporary and rustic workplace look that should be eye catchy & should not look boring. A workplace that reveals an Unconventional Finesse with Industrial Design | Space Theory Visit: Space Theory The open ceiling concept shows the highness of the space with hanging lights and colorful chairs. We[Read More]