Contemporary Elegance of Living Spaces and Old World Charm of Rustic Homes | The Crossboundaries

Imagine a place of serenity and awakening by a tranquil river. A flurry of bird sounds becomes a constant backdrop for a space of calm shadows, witnessing the playful movement of time. Amidst this lushness and rustic setting, a composition of stark greys and whites sits like a pristine object on the river’s edge. This[Read More]

Residence that Scripts the Intangible for Dramatic Design Interventions | Manoj Patel Design Studio

Residence of 2200 Sq.ft plot area resides in the dense core of Vadodara city’s hustle and bustle near the main airport area. The site faces a street on the south side. All other sides are surrounded by neighboring houses on east and west side. The brief received was to find calmness in the chaos of[Read More]

Wellness Center that Embraces Warmth & Minimalism | HundredDesigns

The arched metal door opens into the waiting area of this wellness center, while sitting in waiting area one is visually carried to another arched door that leads to the meeting area which has a “AUM” on the central wall made beautifully in thread art. Wellness Center that Embraces Warmth & Minimalism | HundredDesigns Visit:[Read More]

An Elegant Home that Weaves Emotions with Works of Art | P Square Designs

An Elegant residence that weaves emotions with works of art bundles up outright extravagant emotions and a peculiar class! A true exemplar of material exploration with intricate detailing, to sum up a minimalistic, elegant, effortless, and embellished abode. Each space vibe over its diligent workmanship and a definite look after- basically everything that this young[Read More]

Modern Workspace Design that Fuses Classic Design Elements and Rustic Feel | Acacia Creatives 

When Kartik Prajapati and his business partner Kishan Patel bought a new modern workspace to move their working IT business in Ahmedabad. We were called to design their new space. The empty triangular approx. 1000 Sq.ft space was situated on the 3rd floor of the complex named “Swanik arcade” in Naranpura area of Ahmedabad. Modern[Read More]

Playfully Illustrated Play Room Design with Whimsical Palette | Frolik+Co

Steering clear of kitsch that is usually associated with ‘Made in India’ tag, this fancy little play room Design was brought to fruition by the efforts of Frolik+Co team. Frolik+Co had been established to read the minds of the young, growing minds and give them a quirky, yet peaceful space to explore and experiment. Playfully[Read More]

Statement of Contemporary Vogue with the Zestful Essence | Design Studio Associates

This contemporary outhouse residence of the royal bungalow named “Nand Barsana” is designed on a neo-classical theme that exudes elegance and sophistication. Statement of Contemporary Vogue with the Zestful Essence | Design Studio Associates Visit: Design Studio Associates For jazzing up private gatherings, the owners desired to mandate a voguish statement by continuing the zestful[Read More]

Minimal Yet Vibrant Context Along Bold Palette Elements | Kaksh The Design Studio

The Office space with minimal approach and bringing transparency in design. The entire office is zoned according the function and keeping maximum occupancy in consideration. Bringing the color palate to cooler tones and uplifting the space with hint of green, was the design strategy in order to provide a better working experience for the employees.[Read More]

Modern Design Approach with a hint of Minimal Chic | Atri Design Studio Pvt. Ltd

Atri designs doesn’t believe in perfection but we love embracing the modern design with a hint of minimal chic of imbalance and creating something beautiful out of that asymmetry. Modern Design Approach with a hint of Minimal Chic | Atri Design Studio Pvt. Ltd Visit: Atri Design Studio Pvt. Ltd We always try to create[Read More]

Residence that exudes a Balance of Vintage Vibes with Contemporary Design Elements | Dinterplay Architects

When faced with the challenge of blending the bucolic ways of living with the inescapable modern grind, Dinterplay Architects had a creative solution in mind. They designed the contemporary design Zarukha House from the ground up with an open-roof central court and impeccable latticework on the facade, two elements nearly impossible to find in architectural[Read More]