Svasti – The Banyan Tree | ESSTEAM

Snehal Shah Residence, Svasti – The Banyan Tree | ESSTEAM INTRODUCTION: ESSTEAM Having worked on nearly 500 design projects in the last fifteen years as a principal, nothing can be more challenging than designing a villa for self. So many ideas, so many possibilities and so many aspirations! All of this comes down to the vision[Read More]

Space with Minimal and Contemporary Approach | Real Estate Offices | Surat | PDC Architects

Space with Minimal and Contemporary Approach | Real Estate Offices Surat | PDC Architects   PDC Architects completed the design for the corporate offices of Pramukh Real Estate LLP located in Surat, India.   To design a space with minimal and contemporary approach was the desire expressed by the clients. To achieve the same, the corporate office was furnished[Read More]

Wood and Concrete Interiors creates a perfect combination for Rooftop Apartment | Studio Course

This Wood and concrete interiors designed on the rooftop, covering an area of 50 square meters, is located on the roof of a 12-storey building and belongs to a duplex apartment in Maharashtra, India. It was designed by Studio Course. The combination of wood texture with concrete acting as a background medium just does a[Read More]

Concrete house in the Himalayas | Rajiv Saini & Associates

Concrete house in the Himalayas Designed by Rajiv Saini & Associates. Description from Rajiv Saini & Associates We were approached by clients (who were more friends by now, having worked on multiple projects together over the years) to build for them a holiday house they could enjoy with friends over long weekends, away from Delhi, where[Read More]

Pool House | 42mm Architecture

Pool House | 42mm Architecture Conceived as a ‘pebble in the grass’, this house acts as an extended entertainment center to a previously existing home which was built 20 years back. It has been designed in congruence with its context by using the same material palette nonetheless managing to express the shift in time of[Read More]

Lion Safari Park by Archohm Design Studio

Lion Safari Park is designed by Archohm Design studio with the intention to help the Asian lion, a species almost extinct in many areas of India. Lion Safari Park is situated near the town of Etawah, located on the banks of Yamuna River in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India.   Description by Archohm Design Studio: Conceptualized[Read More]

Under One Roof – Charged Voids

About Charged Voids : The firm was established in 2007 in Chandigarh, India. The principal architect is Ar.Aman Aggarwal Type of projects: the Major focus of the firm is to design residential, institutional, commercial and hospitality. Awards and publications: The firm’s work has been recognized, published and awarded at various national and international platforms. See[Read More]

Facade design Of commercial Building | Uneven

Facade design Of commercial Building Breaking the stereotype image of a Commercial Building, this unit stands robust on a plot of 41000 sq.ft. as one of the emerging landmarks of the city.  The entire length of the building runs parallel to an active road.Facade design Of commercial Building was designed to have a monstrous 300[Read More]