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Concrete Abode | Evolve Interiors and Exteriors Solutions


Beginning from the entrance of the Villa, the G+2 structure is designed using a Concrete Finish. Nestled amongst the hills and the valleys, the concrete facade is a distinctive stand out amidst the allied villaments.

What once was known to be an Industrial use material has now transcended to be one of the most sought-after finishes by designers! Concrete finishes today resonate with the palette of the designers and clients seeking for modern, sleek and stylish choices. As simple it may sound, executing the desired finish with the apt texture is no less than an art!(Evolve is a Surface Décor Studio known for designing exquisite surface finishes for Interiors and Exteriors)

Owing to the versatile nature of Concrete, the designer decided to play with the dichotomy of Metals and Concrete. This unique juxtaposition of materials is evident right at the entrance door – A Main Door designed using a fusion of Gunmetal and Corten Steel Finish against a backdrop of Concrete!


Walking through the foyer, one is greeted with a statue of Lord Buddha set calmly against a 3D designed wall art, finished using a dual tone Corten Steel Finish. The foyer area is kept clean and minimalistic, which leads its way to the living room and further to a cantilevered terrace.

The living room with its sky-high ceiling is finished in Concrete..To break the monotony of a cementitious finish in a larger space, the highlighter wall is designed using a Textured Gunmetal Finish and the Bar Counter is designed using a Textured Aluminium Finish. The selective use of dark metals like Aluminium and Graphite imparts the residence an artistic look!

Not to miss an elegant Head Portrait which is customised as per the client’s requirement. The artefact finished in Copper stands distinctly against the concrete finished walls.

The first level of the villa is compactly designed and houses the 3 bedrooms. The Concrete theme has been well assimilated in this section of the villa. Alongside the concrete finish, headboards have been designed using a rare combination of metals and concrete. A combination that has never before been explored to design textures and finishes! The headboard is a classic equation of Rugged Geometry and Smooth Textures, the dual tone texture is owing to the combination of Gun Metal with Concrete.

Hidden in the basement of this sprawling apartment is a Gaming arena! This space has been thoughtfully designed in a darker dual tone of Concrete. The mini bar is decorated with a Corten Steel accent which is complemented with vintage filament edison bulb arrangement.

Standing true to its name of a Concrete Abode, a colossal statue of Lord Buddha made from fibre and finished using Concrete rests on one of the terraces. A night view of the statue looks radial amidst the greens and the periphery of lights!

The villa is a paradise for an art connoisseur! The space is elegantly designed with a variety of Lord Buddha Idols finished in various textures. The sculptures are finished using Concrete , Gun Metal and Copper Patina! With the apt lighting and a contrast of hues, the idols stand out starkly

Alongside aesthetic sensibilities, Concrete Finishes presents the designers and clients with several utilitarian features which is an extension of the nature of the material.

About Evolve:

Evolve Interiors and Exteriors Solutions  (An associate of Lustre Fx Australia) is a leading Indian Surface Decor Studio known for designing premium surface finishes using International Technologies. The brand is synonymous to Creativity, Design, and Style.


Evolve specializes in creating finishes which can be used for Interiors and Exteriors. The range of finishes are applicable over a variety of substrates and can be used for accentuating walls, furniture, sculptures, landscape elements.


Driven by a dedication to finding solutions, Evolve designs products and offers services which meet the expectations of designers and facilitate ease of use. Evolve also undertakes customized design solutions for Projects and Decoware.


Design firm :Evolve Interiors and exteriors Solutions

Photo credits: Mr. Aditya Bengali, Cajun Moon Studios


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