Lion Safari Park by Archohm Design Studio

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Lion Safari Park is designed by Archohm Design studio with the intention to help the Asian lion, a species almost extinct in many areas of India. Lion Safari Park is situated near the town of Etawah, located on the banks of Yamuna River in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India.


Description by Archohm Design Studio: Conceptualized as an exploratory safari park, this proposal comes with great expectations of providing a much needed boost to the tourism and ecology for Etawah and the region of northern Uttar Pradesh.



One of the most engaging features of the park is the twenty-metre-high majestic Lion Gate conceptualised as an abstraction in concrete and presented as a free-standing sculpture on the barren highway leading to the Safari. This gateway houses necessary information and ticketing facilities with administration, ancillary activities and even tucks in a museum. A large visitor parking in the heart of the jungle next to the jeep parking enables visitors to hop on and let their adventure begin.



An elevated and cantilevered viewing deck seemingly suspended in mid-air actually perches cleverly over a low-heighted ridge that gifts the perfect location for panoramic views. The entire park has been designed to fit into an undulating terrain littered with trails and tracks that help visitors accidentally ‘bump into’ lions!




Designed: 2015
Technical data: Site Area: 91252 sqm, Built-Up Area: 2682 sqm
Principal Architect :Mr. Sourabh Gupta, Archohm
Design Team : Amit Sharma, Naveen Rawat, Gaurav Dixit

Source : homeworlddesign

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  • Its not Archohm, it Kothari Associates who are designing Lion Safari, and it doesn’t look like this. Go and have a look at the site.

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