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Posted On November 23, 2023

A Staggered Brick façade features in this generous home | SJM Design Consultant

Located in Ahmedabad, SJM design consultant designed a residence with a simple cuboidal structure with a pop of brick façade to greet you. Formerly, this modern residence, called ‘The Pavra’s...

Posted On November 10, 2023

This Luxurious Villa Spans Over 8000 sq. ft. with a Palette of Earthy Tones and Greys | Villa Ortiga

A Gurgaon origin luxurious villa with fringes of contemporary design strategies. Editor’s note: Classical design trends that remind us of our contemporary times! In the posh neighborhood of Delhi, this...

Posted On November 06, 2023

A Home that Exudes Simplicity, Refreshing Pops of a Serene Blue and a Coastal Ambience | DesignHaaus

As the principal architect of this remarkable project, it has been an absolute privilege to collaborate closely with the young couple who own this enchanting villa. Their heartfelt vision for...

Posted On October 10, 2023

A 19th Century Heritage Bungalow with a Vintage and Enduring Twist that is not just Antique but Timeless | Team Shabnam

Amidst the hustle and bustle of posh Ballygunge, we managed to preserve and recreate the old world charm of a 19th century heritage bungalow with a vintage and enduring twist...

  • Posted On September 15, 2023

    ‘Shayonam’ – an Artful Nucleus of Modern and Ethnic Design Body | Foresight Associates

    Editor’s Note: Nary do we come across spaces that ferment subtlety in its design outline with such poise. It is evident how Foresight Associates have poured their heart into the...

    Posted On September 05, 2023

    A Home Focusing on Harmonious Blend of Minimalism and Modernity | Studio Banyan Tree

    Our latest interior design project introduces a home focusing on harmonious blend of minimalism and modernity, showcasing the transformation of an old acquired house into a space of serene elegance...

    Posted On August 29, 2023

    A Private Residence in Surat Built Over Spacious and Sophisticated Design Lines | R Design

    Located on dense urban fabrics of Surat city ARHAM is a well carved functional space as per client requirement of different spaces. A Private residence in Surat built over spacious and...

    Posted On June 17, 2023

    A House Where Colors Take a Backseat and The Textures and Patterns Steal the Spotlight | Robust studio

    “In a world where crisp and straight lines are given priority, the ‘house of serene’ is swathed with textured arches and curved surfaces. With a rejuvenating set of shades for...

    Posted On March 29, 2023

    This Exquisite Bungalow Design Boasts Of Luxury, Drama, And Simplicity | Interior Era

    This exquisite bungalow design boasts of luxury, drama, and simplicity. There is a subtle play of textures & bold use of colors with beautiful finishes. Designed by renowned Interior Designer...

    Posted On March 23, 2023

    Bungalow Design With The Thoughtful Blending Of Styles In Contemporary Settings | Karya Design Studio

    The modern home is a masterpiece created with great attention of detail, a harmonic aesthetic. Undertaken by Karya Design Studio, this bungalow design with the thoughtful blending of styles in...

    Posted On February 11, 2020

    Weekend Home Amidst Naturally Enclosed  Green Dome | Design Storeys

    Weekend Home Amidst Naturally Enclosed  Green Dome | Design Storeys Designed to be a weekend refuge for a family, where the outdoors meets with the indoors for a beautiful relationship in this...

    Posted On November 13, 2019

    A Minimalistic And Chic Residential Design | F+S Designs

    A Minimalistic And Chic Residential Design | F+S Designs With changing times comes changing lifestyles and changing demands on spaces. 38 Krishna is one such residential property that needed to...

    Posted On October 18, 2019

    The “V” House | Radical Architecture Design Consultants

    The “V” House | Radical Architecture Design Consultants The Client’s desire was to have a luxurious home with contemporary design. A home of 7 Family members of three generations. The site...

    Posted On April 18, 2019

    Residential Villa In Jodhpur Designed According To Vastu Compliant | Abraham John Architects

      Residential villa in Jodhpur designed according to Vastu Compliant | Abraham John Architects The challenge of designing a residential villa in Jodhpur was trifold: extreme climate, small footprint, and a large project brief....