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    Editor’s Note: Nary do we come across spaces that ferment subtlety in its design outline with such poise. It is evident how Foresight Associates have poured their heart into the soulful penchant of this dwelling. The escalier stitches a thread of nostalgia that sits amazingly well with a contemporary backdrop. Experimentation with materials and inculcation of art seem to be the driving force of a home so mindfully executed. ~ Nishal Sevak(Co-Editor)

    Located in the heart of the cultural city of Vadodara, Gujarat, this family home is a reflection of family values and sustaining traditional ideologies. Embracing the various penchants of design styles that are modern while rooted, ‘Shayonam’ – an artful nucleus of modern and ethnic design body, has a charming virtue towards it which is almost infectious and impossible to dismiss. The house is stacked across 4-levels residing communal spaces, private suites, a home office and areas for leisure, entertainment, and bonding.

    ‘Shayonam’ – an Artful Nucleus of Modern and Ethnic Design Body | Foresight Associates

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    The ground floor houses a home office, accessible through an enticing entrance and foyer. The handgrip of the main door gives an elemental hint of what’s coming ahead while the MDF artwork on the wall is a symbolic piece in itself. A formal appearance in the setting, the home office manifests a peaceful environment. The workspace overlooks the garden from its south face sliding open to a wave of natural light jetting in along with a water feature taking over to soothe the senses.

    The room expresses a delightful dialect between deep wood veneer and white colour. A display shelf projects out from the wall, displaying a pop of blue, and adding a pinch of playfulness. The display of wood, frosted glass and deep blue indicates the benign purpose of the space.

    Climbing to the first floor is an awestruck affair of sorts, one that is mesmerizing and grounded all at the same time. The stairway happens to be the carrier from the formal environment to the personal spread. Thus, a star element was added to the design of the stairway. Facing the auspicious side of the East, the volume of the stairway was prone to receive plenty of delicate sunlight. Going three floors up, there is an impeccable sense of simplicity, artfulness and sincerity in the execution.

    There is a certain rawness in the teak wood stone tread that complements the ‘Gond’ artwork adorning the front face of the wall. One of the side walls encircling it has connotations in a grid, bringing in a modern ambience in an otherwise traditional existence. The artwork is a calming and sweet addition, sitting perfectly well with the wishes of the clientele. The central volume of the staircase sees a linear chandelier that measures the height of all the flights. The luminescent pendants are subtle contributions to ornamentation. 

    The first level opens up to familial spaces consisting of formal and informal living along with a dining space in an open plan with the kitchen. The first floor aims to know no bounds of creativity in its volume. Upon reaching the last step, the formal setting greets the eye in all its tranquillity.

    A double-height figure, the formal seating is a shrine of positivity. Smeared across in spotless beige, it is illuminated through a thorough inset of natural rays.

    As a result, this area is generously enlightened with a pleasant pop of pink of the couch occupying the corner. The mural on the back catches the eye with its intrinsic and delicate carvings, a tone of traditionalism among a modern outlook. The hinged fixtures from the ceiling are an added asset. 

    On the left is the family room, indulged in a spacious and airy embrace. The furniture placement faces the T.V. unit, engrossed in veneer, piercing out in triangular surfaces at the end. A patch of cyan over the ceiling converses well with concrete shuttering over the wall. The family room slides to a double-height balcony imbued with various textures and artwork. 

    On the other side of the level, lies the kitchenette and dining area. Existing in sumptuous harmony, the kitchen portrays a bold statement with its sky-blue PU surfaces.

    It runs a smooth banter with the island counter crafted from white marble and an intimately circular breakfast table placed alongside it. The dining area exudes ‘celebrations’ with its chic execution.

    The black and gold marble is accentuated further by the shimmer of lights and an introvert backdrop of the dining zone, letting the setting take center stage. The bedroom for the elder couple sees a tint of pastel green coupled with cane as an object d’art. 

    Going further up to the second level, a quaint seating area is perched before the entrance to the bedrooms with bespoke furniture and display pieces. The showcase wall at the gateway to the suites has a conclave surface scooped in.

    A console table is placed against it with a stark blue layer on it. The daughter’s bedroom on the second level is an oasis of peace with ivory textured walls and peach tint holding the space, thoroughly opening up to a standing balcony. A delightful work corner and sober headboard define the style.  

    The master bedroom shows a profound play of subtlety while incorporating earthy elements. Nature-inspired printed linens are paired with wood and forest-green PU paint, having the power to calm the occupant instantly.

    The headboard gracefully becomes a part of the bed, while the wall on the back illustrates an abstract artwork. The furniture gives off a vintage check, as one steps out in the standing balcony overlooking the outdoor seating below. 

    The last floor showcases its various temperaments in shades of blue and grey. The master suite of the third level has a warm setting of wood flutings partitioned with contemporary shades of grey marble.

    The seating nook is smartly denoted from the rest of the suite through a distinct ceiling design. The fluted woodwork skillfully camouflages the entrance to the walk-in wardrobe in the back wall of the bed.

    A game area and a home theatre occupy the familial spaces of the floor. The home theatre is fully equipped with acoustical treatments. The button lights softly highlight the cushion textures, wooden flooring, sound insulator boards and the cinephile mural! 

    ‘Shayonam’ displays many stands for its aura, showing affection to its take on ‘homeliness’. It briefly entails the touch of luxe in a perfectly homogeneous blend of traditionalism and modernity while including elements that remind us of our roots – conclude the principal designers of Foresight Associates. 

    Fact File

    Designed by: Foresight Associates

    Project Type: Residential Interior Design

    Project Name: Shayonam

    Location: Bill, Vadodara

    Year Built: August 2021-Feb 2023

    Duration of the project: 18 Months

    Plot Area: 6500 Sq.ft

    Built-up Area: 9795 Sq.ft

    Principal Designers: Shivali AgrawalKunal Patel & Azaz Saleh

    Photography Credit: Tejas Shah

    Text Credits : The Architect’s Diary – Nishal Sevak

    Products / Materials / Vendors: Wallcovering / Cladding – RCC concrete, veneer, Mdf, teak wood Lighting – Litomatic / Doors and Partitions – veneer finished doors / Sanitaryware – Roca / Furniture – beKomfort, Urban living / Flooring – Italian / Kitchen – Camrola-quartz & shutters PU finished / Paint – Asian Paints Wallpaper – D’decor / Hardware – Veneto, Haffele.

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    Firm’s Facebook Link: Foresight Associates

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