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Posted On July 06, 2021

A House Full of Flowy and Playful Spaces | Aaksen Responsible Architecture

A House Full of Flowy and Playful Spaces | Aaksen Responsible Architecture Located in a narrow, elongated lot, Parhuis corresponds the users’ need of having a private space by separating the building purposes with clear function of public area at the front and private area at the back. Having longer side facing east and west […]

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Posted On February 07, 2017

Agraharam House | KSM Architecture

Agraharam House | KSM Architecture The Agraharam House was designed for Srikanth and Gita who were looking for a traditional South-Indian ‘agraharam’ house, well ventilated with courtyards. This was the design cue that was taken forward in Srikanth House. The Background: A traditional agraharam house is a long rectangular temple street house stacked around the four […]

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Posted On January 28, 2017

Cliff House | Nudes

Cliff House | Nudes NUDES architecture and design studio has constructed a ship-like house in Lonavala, near Mumbai, India. flanked by picturesque hillside terrain and a natural water catchment area, the design aims to prioritize open, outward-facing elements over more enclosed, indoor spaces. according to the studio, the unique design is intended to ‘transport the users and sail through […]

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Posted On January 25, 2017

15+ Commercial Building Elevation Design

Commercial Building Elevation Design are one of the major parts of look and feel of the building but, it’s rear to find creative design that makes you stop take a glance at the building which can either stand as an iconic structure on later stages using Residential Block, so we have listed down 15 unique commercial […]

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  • Posted On January 19, 2017

    Clay Roof Tiles House | Abin Design Studio

    Clay Roof Tiles House | Abin Design Studio.It is a project for a luxury retreat with a rural, nature-inspired flavor. ‘Bonochhaya’ is an exclusive housing project themed around the heritage of Shantiniketan, which as a place, is a tribute to the legacy of Rabindranath Tagore. Built as the client Interaction zone for ‘Bonochhaya’, the experience […]

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    Posted On January 07, 2017

    20+ Remarkable Modern House Design in India

    When we talk about small house design, a picture of comfortable living, a cozy corner, and a welcoming environment is drawn in our heads. In India, the small house design trends are leaning towards environment-friendly homes. From inheriting natural light through any medium during the day to focusing on open planning, the simple abode of light and […]

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    Posted On December 30, 2016

    This courtyard house has a semi-classical approach in interior

    This courtyard house has a semi-classical approach in the interior is Designed by Dipen Gada associates to Click here for more projects. Situated on the outskirts of Baroda, this 65,000 s.ft. the land is surrounded with a lot of greenery. The brief was to create an open plan, which could communicate well with all areas. […]

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    Posted On December 05, 2016

    Design Hotel by Justa, Chennai

    Design Hotel by Justa, Chennai: jüSTa is a Sanskrit word, which means ‘to welcome’ to your home. jüSTa Hotels & Resorts founded by Mr Ashish Vohra , is where Indian hospitality meets international standards of luxury. Being believers in individualized service – each of the jüSTa hotels have less than 50 rooms. jüSTa promises an […]

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    Posted On November 29, 2016

    Pool House | 42mm Architecture

    Pool House | 42mm Architecture Conceived as a ‘pebble in the grass’, this house acts as an extended entertainment center to a previously existing home which was built 20 years back. It has been designed in congruence with its context by using the same material palette nonetheless managing to express the shift in time of […]

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    Posted On November 24, 2016

    Bridge house in Mango Farms

    House with Bridge in mango farm | Kinny soni and Ujjval Panchal.Mango trees were the most important elements of this site when we started thinking about designing this house. An experience of being under the large foliage of mango trees was our inspiration. We wanted to create private living spaces without compromising the feeling of […]

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    Posted On November 21, 2016

    Balcony garden design-Ankur Jajpuria

    Balcony garden design portrays an intimate, cozy and relaxed setting amidst a typical dense urban neighborhood. In this fast paced metro life, the design tries to find and bring back some missing traits of our lifestyle like peace, intimacy, bits of nature, etc. The planting scheme tries to mimic discrete color patterns and vibrancy, two […]

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    Posted On November 17, 2016

    Kini Residence – FADD Studio.

    The 3-bedroom Kini residence with an outdoor deck is designed using timeless elements within a modern shell. FADD is an acronym for Farah and Dhaval Design and also a play on the word ‘fad’. Company Overview The world of design is in a constant state of flux; exploring and evolving into and out of new […]

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    Posted On November 16, 2016

    Koba house | Indigo Architects

    Indigo architects is a collaborative studio practice, headed by Mausami and Uday Andhare, supported by a team of young professionals. We follow an integrated design approach incorporating architectural design, landscape planning and interior design into its fold. The design process seeks to resolve the various paradoxes between client needs and affordability, site conditions and programmatic […]

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    Posted On November 15, 2016

    Under One Roof – Charged Voids

    About Charged Voids : The firm was established in 2007 in Chandigarh, India. The principal architect is Ar.Aman Aggarwal Type of projects: the Major focus of the firm is to design residential, institutional, commercial and hospitality. Awards and publications: The firm’s work has been recognized, published and awarded at various national and international platforms. See […]

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