AM:PM-Designed By Project 810.

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ANKUR & PRIYANKA MODI-Designed By Project 810.

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AM:PM, a dynamic fashion brand by Ankur and Priyanka Modi, is known to represent their impeccable style and uber femininity through quality. The Design team was commissioned to create a new retail design language for the brand. The all new AMPM store covering an area of five hundred square feet located in the heart of an upscale south Delhi market. The brief involved creating a design language for the store that spelled purity and grace.



The retail experience was to illustrate the sophistication and luxury AMPM exudes through its contemporary detailed pieces. The Design team’s aim as the designers was to design a holistic retail solution for the brand and ensure that the design intervention enhances the brand value and positions its uniqueness over its competitors.



The design process was initiated over several sessions with the designers analyzing their likes, dislikes, and discussions over the nuances and details seen in their collections. Understanding the brand’s origin and the process was an integral part of the process. The above reactions led us to our next stage of design. Identifying materials true to its identity and using them in their purest forms without making the surfaces over-crude was a challenge. The scale of every element was described and analyzed to fit in over a hundred garments, trial and store rooms and a cash desk.


Numbers and merchandising were incorporated at the detailing stage to identify the dimensions of each element. Being Vastu conscious, the layout was conceived after considering the following points. The North-east side of the store was to be abundantly placed with the mirrors.The North corner of the store couldn’t be blocked, as a result, the store and changing room had to be placed at the entrance which is the southwest side. The cash desk as per Vastu had to be placed on the North- West wall at the entrance.



The design for the store is built on the morals of details, linearity, geometric shapes and graphics handpicked from their collections over the years. A terrazzo floor, cement board walls, intensive uses of black metal and copper elements characterize the store. Terrazzo, a pre-cast concrete floor widely used in Indian Homes in the mid-nineteenth century, was used as a material for the floor hinting at the traditionAMPM portrays. The minimalistic, geometric and neat black metal shelving symbolizes the contemporary value that the brand represents. The geometric sensibility of the shelving is broken by organic shaped tables and surfaces. Cement boards and mirror paneling illustrate the walls of the space.



The cement boards etched and inlay with patterns inspired and handpicked from the brand’s collections over the years, add a craft like an element to space. The walls are also defined with light sconce made in the cement board adding a third dimension to the wall. An open ceiling concept, the lighting for the store is mounted from a neatly defined metal trellis. Evenly lit merchandise and spots in other zones, the lighting system defines a serene yet playful mood for the store. A hint of opulence is shown through the copper details seen in the patterns on the wall, details of the shelving and signages. The shop displays a weft of tradition and contemporary styles.



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