Contemporary Dwelling with Modern Aesthetics | KaMa Design Studio

Contemporary Dwelling with Modern Aesthetics | KaMa Design Studio MODERN YET CONNECTED TO IT’S INDIAN ROOTS: Set in the heart of Chandigarh, 5+1 Peas in a Pod is a contemporary dwelling for a family of five and a newborn. A calm and tranquil residence, the spaces are inspired by the diversities in the personalities of each[Read More]

7 Most Common Basement Renovation Mistakes

The dollar amount of basement renovations in the great white north ramped up to $80 billion in 2019 alone. However, even after all that spending, Canadians are still not getting their below-surface remodeling right. The first mistake that many make is NOT getting a permit. Since you are altering the structure of your home, it[Read More]

4 Ideas of What to Do With Your Finished Basement

You love your home, but it could use a little work. Specifically, you want to convert the basement into some type of living space. What sort of function should the space serve? There are quite a few things that homeowners do with Mississauga basements. Here are four ideas to consider.   An Efficiency Unit for[Read More]