6 Tips for Basement Waterproofing

Basements are a popular option for many buyers. They can provide storage, recreation, and space for utilities and, lastly protection from storms.

The disadvantage is that it’s beneath the ground. The water is at its lowest and is prone to excessive humidity. to the possibility of flooding basement water issues could result in major issues for homeowners.

The issues can get worse when the house ages. As time passes small cracks begin to form on wall surfaces and on the base. Water from rain and groundwater can flow through these cracks and cause serious problems in the future.

Tips for Basement Waterproofing

Here are a few tips


Source of Water

Basements typically have concrete floors or other types of solid surface. It will help you identify the origin of the waterspouts and puddles. Most likely culprits are near pipes and windows, and other pipes that flow into your home. Another reason for cracks is on the walls’ bottom. Examine closely.

Fill in the Cracks

If cracks are the reason it’s an easily fix you could do yourself with hydraulic cement. However, you’ll have to get it done quickly because this kind of cement is set in just three minutes!

Fix Window Leaks

Window wells may hold water, particularly in the event that a drainage system wasn’t installed underneath the window wells when the home was constructed. The water could end in your basement.

The installation of window drainage structures could be more challenging after construction, but there are methods to fix problems with windows. One option is to excavat an area that is two feet lower than the window and then fill that space with gravel.

Consider installing the window well covers, that will help to direct water away from windows. You may also be able to seal your windows.

Protect Bare Walls

If the walls in your basement are unfinished — that is, brick walls or cement it is possible to consider applying water-proof paint. The waterproof paint comes with sealed components the paint, and if applied correctly it creates an impervious surface.

Although waterproof paint can be an excellent choice for unfinished walls, it is not able to be used over other paints. It’s necessary to get rid of the paint that is already therebefore you apply the waterproof type.

Calls Professionals

If nothing else works or you are unable to locate the source of water, then you might want to hire an expert like i hire basement waterproofing Dallas who can set up either outdoor or indoor drainage methods. However, be conscious that drainage solutions for indoor use could cost around $5,000, whereas outdoor drainage systems may cost as high as $10,000.