4 Ideas of What to Do With Your Finished Basement

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You love your home, but it could use a little work. Specifically, you want to convert the basement into some type of living space. What sort of function should the space serve? There are quite a few things that homeowners do with Mississauga basements. Here are four ideas to consider.


An Efficiency Unit for a Tenant


Have you thought about using the basement to generate a little income? Assuming that there is an outside entrance to the basement, you could consider having the space converted into an efficiency apartment. This will involve adding a full bathroom, some type of kitchen area, and likely adding some sort of closet space. You’ll also want to make sure the overhead lighting, the number of outlets, and the heating and cooling is sufficient.


You can get some great ideas for creating an efficiency unit by reading a basement renovation guide. Once you have the basic layout planned, the rest will fall into place quickly.


A Private Suite For Your Guests


Does it seem as if weekend guests call for the entire family to play musical bedrooms? Why not look at ideas for converting Mississauga basements into guest suites? Your guests will have a space that’s all their own, and all the family members get to remain in their own beds. Everyone will enjoy the visit a lot more.


A Family Room


Every home needs a space where the family can relax and not have to be overly concerned about keeping everything in place. That’s one reason you find a lot of ideas for converting basements into family rooms in just about every basement renovation guide. You’ll even find inspiration by reading a new article about basements and how to turn them into comfortable space for family members to watch television, play games, or curl up with a good book.


Your Own Private Craft Room


People who love handicrafts really do need spaces where they can organize supplies and have their current works in progress laid out on some sort of work surface. It gets old having to scoop up everything so the dining room table can be used to eat or entertain guests. When you convert the basement into a craft room, your current project can stay right where it is until you finish the last detail.


Mississauga basements actually make excellent craft rooms. Make sure to install the right type of lighting and custom design shelves and drawers so all your supplies can be organized and stored. If someone should drop by unexpectedly, there’s no mess to tidy up. Simply close the basement door and entertain your guest upstairs.


These are only a few of the things that you can do with the basement. Read a new article about basements and basement renovations to get a few more ideas. With help from a contractor and a handy basement renovation guide, you’ll soon have space that makes your house even more of a home.



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