A Modern Contemporary Design Touch To This 3BHK Home | jdesignstudio

Our client, Mr. Kalpesh bhai Patel, was looking for an elegant and sleek design for their newly purchased 3bhk apartment in Saamarth Heaven 5, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The total carpet area of the project was 1100 ft.² being an NRI with family members of 5 including 2 sons & a grandmother. Our firm, ‘jdesignstudio’ tried to[Read More]

Spacious 3BHK Home Piously Following The Principles Of Vastu Shastra| FORAM VORA DESIGN STUDIO

A residential apartment that cuts itself off from the city noise while soaking in the picturesque view of the upbeat city of Mumbai, commands an equally intriguing and luxurious interior. Instinctively, we decided to dress this 38th floor apartment in a cloak of sophistication. Spacious 3BHK Home Piously Following The Principles Of Vastu Shastra |[Read More]

Minimal Yet Sumptuous And Classic Interior Design | M VISION DESIGN STUDIO

The Joshi’s House manifests minimalistic and contemporary earmarks of the interior. This house is refurbished at the Jamnagar city with exquisite choice of materials and colour palette. The main concern of the client was that it should be minimal yet sumptuous and classic interior design. In order to achieve minimal and elegant look, the major[Read More]

The Radiant Home – An Expression Of Calm, Inviting And Cozy Space | Beyondwalls

Due to the Pandemic nature of this project, countless challenges were encountered. Despite the inability to find labor and materials, delays in timelines, and delays in the completion of the project, the designer’s spirit was unaffected. It took longer than usual to complete the project but She worked alone throughout the entire concept, development, and[Read More]

An Artistic And Modern Design Space | ALTITUDE DESIGNS

The entrance is kept simple and minimal, showcasing an artistic and modern design space of the house. The elongated storage unit alongside the main door with wall cladding and brass embossed name plate is highlighting the area. An Artistic And Modern Design Space | Altitude Designs Visit: Altitude Designs The entrance jail door is contemporary[Read More]

Sophisticated And Elegant Apartment Interiors | 1 POINT SIX 18
Apartment Interiors

While we were designing this project, covid struck and we quickly adapted to the new norm of online working. While we were fighting severe covid at personal level, we didn’t let that kill the spirit of the project and our team rose to the occasion and delivered designs on time. During execution, though there were[Read More]

The Interior Aesthetics Effortlessly Encompass A Casual And Cozy Ambiance | AN Design

From designing lavish and luxurious homes to compact and concise modern homes, AN Design has a diverse aesthetic background. Natural materials contrasted with neat, modest geometric shapes are the attributes of AN Design work. Carefully designed and thoughtfully presented works lays its emphasis on playful textures, creation and selection of unusual wallpapers, artworks and startling[Read More]

The Vora’s Penthouse Exhibits Elegance, Lavishness And Modernist Features | ARCHAIC DESIGN STUDIO

The Vora’s Penthouse exhibits elegance, lavishness and modernist features of the design. This renovated adobe at the city of Ahmedabad is consciously curated with elegant choices of materials and subtle details. The client brief was straightforward and the requirement was to achieve a contemporary look while having an open and spacious layout. Prime material choices[Read More]

Modern-Contemporary Space Juxtaposed With Unique Elements From Different Time Eras | DESIGN LAB VYOMA

The Elemental House, as the name suggests, is a beautiful, well crafted, modern-contemporary space juxtaposed with unique elements from different time eras and space, which has remained close to the client’s heart and narrates their journey, story & aspirations. The homeowners had recently returned from London and had decided to make this their new home[Read More]

Adding A Sense Of Comfort Along With Luxury | THE SS STORY

‘The Bespoke Hearth’ is a home that speaks a thousand words to make you speechless! A space with utmost detailing, that is full of art, love for colours adding a sense of comfort along with luxury. A full height bar unit with soothing tropical hues and the shutters with an artwork so delicate that you[Read More]