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Posted On May 01, 2024

Vastu Compliant Workspace that is Aesthetic and Functional | Sadhana Associates and Interiors

The project, an office for a sugar broking firm, had a precise brief: to design a Vastu compliant, contemporary workspace that is aesthetic and functional. The client’s brief was to...

Posted On March 16, 2024

This 30 Sqm Studio Space Has Been A Place For Experimenting With Shapes | Studio Creative Ant

This 30 sqm studio space has been a place for experimenting with shapes, materials, newer techniques, finishes and how well they complement each other. The studio space comprises of 3...

Posted On September 08, 2023

A Two-Bedroom House With Simple and Intriguing Interconnecting Spaces | Studio 78 Architects

Editor’s Note: Displaying the melodious symphony of a caring home, Studio 78 has adapted the art of simple and soulful design through its grounded considerations. The central courtyard feels like...

Posted On April 25, 2023

This Office Interior Is Designed With A Mix Of Colours, Textures And Emotions | H & S Muley Associates

Our brief from the client for this project was to achieve a space that is calm and fresh to work. This Office Interior is designed with a mix of colours,...

  • Posted On August 12, 2022

    Traditional Indian Elegant House with Spirit of an Outdoor-Indoor Design | RNK Studio

    Effortlessly apprehending the spirit of an outdoor-indoor design, this 6500 sq. ft residence in Ahmednagar is built to fit the desires of a joint family. The designer came across contrasting...

    Posted On October 20, 2020

    An Earthy And Luxurious Villa That’s All About Nature, Light, And Indulgence | Utopia

    An Earthy And Luxurious Villa That’s All About Nature, Light, And Indulgence | Utopia We all have an incredible light inside that can illuminate the world around us. With this...

    Posted On November 06, 2019

    Distinctive Yet Harmonious Apartment Interior | Mind Manifestation Design  

    Distinctive Yet Harmonious Apartment Interior | Mind Manifestation Design   The client would be shifting from a landed house to an apartment and had a clear vision of what all he wanted...