Traditional Indian Elegant House with Spirit of an Outdoor-Indoor Design | RNK Studio

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Effortlessly apprehending the spirit of an outdoor-indoor design, this 6500 sq. ft residence in Ahmednagar is built to fit the desires of a joint family. The designer came across contrasting ideas from different generations of the family that hovered over modern and traditional with a very bold statement from the homeowners stating that “Spaces should not be put together for show but to nourish one’s well-being” formed the basis of the design philosophy. Come to think of it, modern homes of today are every bit in line with design trends, and are also able to adroitly balance aesthetics and functionality. But what it sometimes requires is the touch of belonging and traditional Indian elegance that hails from handcrafted furniture, locally sourced materials, and folkloric accessories.

Traditional Indian Elegant House with Spirit of an Outdoor-Indoor Design | RNK Studio

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The site amid the cacophony of an urban cluster and roads around, with captivating volumetric arrangements that makes it appealing in a go. Revealing very little about itself, the house creates a surprising impression in onlookers’ minds. The mélange of the geometrics and exposed bricks gives a discrete look to the abode while enchanting openings on the facade excite one to discover what the structure is all about.

The planning owes its flexibility to the wholesome and meticulous area program. Similar to the hierarchy of spaces followed in a “Rajasthani Haveli”, the public, semi-public and private spaces in this structure are organized clearly. The house is a mixed-used establishment that accommodates a residential zone and a studio office. The spatial arrangements of the space divide all the public areas such as living, kitchen, dining on the ground floor, and private areas such as bedrooms and the art room are planned on the upper floor. At most care has been taken to ensure that none of the functions clash with each other, this means the structure can simultaneously function as a studio efficiently without the functions of either being disrupted.

A walk through the hardscape and a few plants lead to the main entrance lobby where living, dining, kitchen, two bedrooms, and multipurpose area impeccably fuse into each other. All these functions are programmed in C shape around the double-height courtyard, maximizing the view of the landscape from internal spaces.

As one enters the first floor a screened corridor leads to a series of bedrooms with a small sit- out on the southern part and a terrace on the northern end. The magic of these screens is revealed when the light seeps in through the screens and hits the walls and floor replicating the pattern. This concept of traditional screens or jaali’s cut off the harsh glare and regulate the light. The second floor comprises the art room, two suites, one small and one L shape landscaped terrace. Overall, the entire house is planned with multiple courtyards and skylights to keep the feeling consistent with the exteriors.

The materiality for the bathrooms also moves in conjunction and unison with the material palette of the residence. The exciting element within the entire house is added through the custom-made furniture, furnishings, home décor, and the varied nuances of the flooring in the bath spaces.

The bedrooms are designed to give a luxurious experience to the user. This is made possible by integrating elegant ensuites and closet areas. These impeccably merge into each other but can be visually partitioned when required. The house is designed with a minimal, natural, and uncluttered material palette consisting of concrete, bricks, and wood, ensuring a timeless feel. The geometrical placement of the bricks creates a bold design statement and gives a subtle vibe to the space.

The approach for interiors was to fuse modern and traditional morals. The design exceptionally strikes the charisma of the Traditional Rajasthani Indian essence in the form of ornamented doors and windows, paintings, dyed veneer in combination with wood, and even by draping the cushion covers and the curtains with minimalist lines of Rajasthani prints. This ethnicity of the furnishings softens the sturdy and raw look cast by the bare bricks.

Fact File

Designed by: RNK Studio

Project Type: Residence Architecture & Design

Project Name: BRICK + BRICK!

Location: Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Year Built: 2021

Duration of project: 4 Years

Built up: 7200 Sq.ft

Project Size: 6000 Sq.ft

Project Cost Appx: 3 Crore

Principal Architect: Rhushabha N. Kothari

Team Design Credits: Gauri Deshmukh & Neha Gugari

Photograph Courtesy: Yash Katariya

Firm’s Website Link: RNK Studio

Firm’s Instagram Link: RNK Studio

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