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Posted On September 19, 2023

Studio Imagine’s Head Office is Dignified With Principles, Innovative Ideas and Rustic Looks | Studio Imagine

Editor’s Note: The rustic and ideating setups of this office space are something to refer to. Working stations are motivating while the main cabin is downright inspiring and certain about...

Posted On September 09, 2023

A Cozy and Minimal apartment with Sound Color Balance | Barakhadee Studio

The 900 sq.ft apartment designed keeping in my the families choice of a weekend home. A spacious living area that combines comfort and style in a cozy and minimal apartment...

Posted On August 28, 2023

This Apartment Harnesses Every Ounce of Creative Energy to Merge Artistry with Functionality | Unbox Design Studio

Editor’s Note: Having a comparatively darker complexion of the insides of a home requires a bold taste and a sound understanding of well-paid materials. Dark tinted brown and dark chocolate...

Posted On July 13, 2023

An Exquisite Abode Where Every Corner Tells a Story of Elegance and Functionality | Design Office Associates

Apartment 2902, is a luxurious 2BHK residence situated in the western suburbs, within the confines of a prestigious high-rise building. Within this remarkable space, this is an exquisite abode where...

  • Posted On June 09, 2023

    Shakti Mohan’s Mumbai Home Is A Minimalist Sanctuary | Aayush Bagzai Designs

    “Submerged in the layers of monotonous physicality, the dwelling instantly transports you to an unchaotic and idyllic headspace.”- Nishal Sevak(Co-Editor) For someone who comes from a creative background & with...

    Posted On April 06, 2023

    A Modern Twist To A British Victorian Style Lawyer’s Office | The 24th Studio

    It is located in the legal district of Mumbai, Fort. The client was sure from day 1 as to the look and feel of his office. The building where the office...

    Posted On March 31, 2023

    Workspace With Unique Curves That Add A Contemporary Vocabulary To The Office Design | Envisage

    Iris is a 1000 sq.ft office, one among many on the 15th floor of Emaar Digital Greens, a highrise building in Gurgaon. Envisage was entrusted with the task to create...

    Posted On March 03, 2023

    A Cosy Home With A Renaissance Feel And Modern Touch | The Golden Ratio 1.618

    Our journey from our inception has been extremely overwhelming. We developed multiple masterpieces and even better relations with our clients. One such Client is Mr Hemendra Gandhi and Mrs Rachna...

    Posted On July 06, 2022

    A Comforting Familiarity with Composed Serenity for this Residence in Mumbai | SML Architects

    Residence far removed from Bombay’s swarming urban nucleus, the Terracotta Earth House assumes a role akin to a silent observer uncoupled from the relentless bustle of the metropolis. The dwelling’s...