• This Apartment Harnesses Every Ounce of Creative Energy to Merge Artistry with Functionality | Unbox Design Studio

    Editor’s Note: Having a comparatively darker complexion of the insides of a home requires a bold taste and a sound understanding of well-paid materials. Dark tinted brown and dark chocolate colored panels are dominant and the ghost chairs are a surprise and a rather unique choice that completes the layout. The use of charcoal colored veneer appears to an elemental piece itself, reaching the epitome of experimentative yet artful spaces. ~ Nishal Sevak(Co-Editor)

    Welcome to “The Den House,” an interesting transformation by Unbox Design Studio in the heart of Mumbai. Here, this apartment harnesses every ounce of c to merge artistry with functionality, shaping a living space that defies the constraints of a compact Mumbai. In this narrative, we invite you to explore our journey, guided by our design philosophy, which marries aesthetics and adaptability.

    This Apartment Harnesses Every Ounce of Creative Energy to Merge Artistry with Functionality | Unbox Design Studio

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    Living & Dining: Upon crossing the threshold, you’ll be greeted by a vibrant living and dining area, a testament to Unbox Design Studio’s creative prowess. The canvas beneath your feet comprises dark grey floor, an intimate foundation exuding both coziness and sophistication. Natural wood, specifically teak and walnut, enters the scene, casting an earthy warmth. These elements serve as our artistic palette, harmonizing urban living with a touch of nature’s grace.

    Generous windows usher in effervescent sunlight, crafting an interplay of shadows and luminescence. Architectural setup unfolds in the form of a beam drop and a translucent, bulbous chandelier. These elements, akin to brush strokes, gracefully partition the space, offering an artistic reinterpretation of spatial division. Our design narrative here was skillfully curated for Mumbai’s dynamic social landscape, seamlessly accommodating movie nights, dinner gatherings, and intimate coffee conversations.

    Kitchen: The kitchen, often the hub of household activity, was envisaged as an experimental laboratory. It not only adheres to the sleek, modern aesthetics favored by urban dwellers but also introduces an element of surprise. Moss green wall tiles are the artistic thrust, infusing the kitchen with a vibrant, almost botanical vitality. It’s as if the kitchen itself is a living artwork, constantly inspiring creativity and culinary innovation.

    Master Bedroom: Your journey continues into the master bedroom, where we’ve orchestrated a union between bold design and meticulous craftsmanship. Every nook of this compact space has been optimized.

    Take, for instance, the side panels of the bed; they transform elegantly into a sleek study board, an artistic fusion of aesthetics and productivity. This feature ensures the room remains visually captivating while serving a practical function—a true manifestation of form and function.

    Teen’s Room: Designing for two pre-teens within the confines of a Mumbai apartment presented a thrilling challenge. It was here that our creativity knew no bounds. Collapsible desks and convertible single beds became our instruments of choice, each stroke masterfully maximizing every square foot. The introduction of two wardrobes offered concealed storage solutions, ingeniously hiding clutter. The crowning jewel is the charming window seating area, doubling as a cozy reading nook, its design brimming with character. Astonishingly, even within these spatial constraints, ample floor space remains uncluttered, a masterstroke of space utilization. This room stands as a testament to Unbox Design Studio’s commitment to creating spaces that foster and celebrate growing creativity.

    “In The Den House,” we have breathed life into a Mumbai apartment, crafting an artistic masterpiece that celebrates the marriage of aesthetics and adaptability. Our design approach emphasizes the dual functionality of every element, transforming the living and dining area into a vibrant social hub, the kitchen into a lively culinary studio, the master bedroom into an oasis of bold design and productivity, and the teen’s room into an artistic marvel of space optimization.

    Each corner of The Den House is a testament to Unbox Design Studio’s unwavering dedication to the art of space management. It celebrates the city’s vibrant pulse, where every detail, every stroke, is a work of art. We invite you to witness the artistry of “The Den House,” crafted by Apurwa Pandit and Hemal Kothari, where every inch is an ode to artistic living within a Mumbai apartment’s embrace.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Unbox Design Studio

    Project Type: Residential Interior Design

    Project Name: The Den House

    Location: Mumbai Suburb

    Year Built: 2021

    Duration of the project: 8 Months

    Project Size: 900 Sq.ft

    Project Cost: 85 Lakhs

    Principal Designers: Apurwa Pandit & Hemal Kothari

    Photograph Courtesy: Yadnyesh Joshi

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Unbox Design Studio

    Firm’s Facebook Link: Unbox Design Studio

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