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Posted On May 18, 2024

This Duplex in Defence Colony is a Spacious and Comfortable Home | Ekta Khanna Design Studio

This duplex in Defence Colony, Delhi is a spacious and comfortable home on two levels for a family of three. From the beginning, the client had a clear vision for...

Posted On January 18, 2024

Mosque in Bangalore Was Built As A Shelter For Underprivileged Children | Ds2 Architecture

In response to a growing need for non-confirmative education systems that allow children to make their own decisions in the 21st century, DS2 design studio initiated the project. Initially, this...

Posted On November 06, 2023

Devghar is a Masterpiece of Craftsmanship, a Sanctuary of Spiritual Reflection | Chaudhari Associates

Golden accessories, meticulously placed throughout the Devghar, add a touch of opulence and symbolism. The Devghar is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, a sanctuary of spiritual reflection, meticulously fashioned from a...

Posted On May 20, 2023

A Modern Home With Elegant Décor, Tasteful Artefacts And Colourful Fabrics | The Line Studio

We incorporated the simplicity and warmth of the home owners in this residence along with their parents & their lovely daughter. This was one of the best projects we have...

  • Posted On April 03, 2023

    Barkat House Is A Reflection Of Modern Contemporary Design Blended With Timeless Elegance | amogh design 

    A home that is a land of luxury and peace is Barkat House. Crafted with the utmost grace and opulence, Barkat House is a reflection of modern contemporary design blended...

    Posted On November 10, 2022

    ‘The Skylight House’, A Home That Flawlessly Connects The Spaces | i2a Architects Studio

    A house that operates on the principles of purity in planning with a minimalistic ensemble in the interiors. The innovative outcome was ‘The Skylight House’, a home that flawlessly connects...

    Posted On November 05, 2022

    Sophisticated And Elegant Apartment Interiors | 1 POINT SIX 18

    While we were designing this project, covid struck and we quickly adapted to the new norm of online working. While we were fighting severe covid at personal level, we didn’t...