• This Duplex in Defence Colony is a Spacious and Comfortable Home | Ekta Khanna Design Studio

    This duplex in Defence Colony, Delhi is a spacious and comfortable home on two levels for a family of three. From the beginning, the client had a clear vision for their home – one that combines spaciousness, comfort, and high-quality design. Incorporating contemporary designs in furniture, lighting and accessories into the 4200 sq.ft. duplex has helped create a stylish and welcoming atmosphere. Not only is there lush greenery surrounding the neighbourhood, but the architecture of the home incorporates natural elements into the interior design and that has helped complement the outdoor environment beautifully.

    Editor’s Note: “This New Delhi duplex embodies a flawless blend of eclectic and contemporary design elements. With a rich, warm colour palette and carefully curated furnishings, it exudes an inviting sense of comfort. The central atrium, complemented by lush greenery indoors and outdoors, bathes the space in natural light and a refreshing ambience.” ~Simran Khare

    This Duplex in Defence Colony is a Spacious and Comfortable Home | Ekta Khanna Design Studio

    The home’s layout spread over 2 levels, facilitates comfortable living and promotes a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces.

    Defence Colony

    Living Room

    The spacious living room offers a welcoming atmosphere with its view of the park greens. The mix of modern and eclectic pieces reflect the client’s taste.

    Defence Colony


    The central atrium adds an interesting architectural element to the space and serves as a focal point. Defined spaces for indoor plants as well as the metal and wood staircase within this atrium enhances its visual appeal.

    Dining Room

    With natural light streaming in from the atrium, the dining area provides a bright and airy setting for meals. A stylish dining table and chairs can complement the contemporary design aesthetic.

    Defence Colony

    There is also a dedicated home office and the main kitchen at this level.

    Defence Colony

    Defence Colony


    The upper level of the home has the bedrooms and a lounge. Positioned at the front of the house, the master bedroom enjoys a pleasant view of the park greens and natural light. It has been designed as a tranquil retreat, incorporating luxurious elements and soothing color schemes.

    Defence Colony

    Defence Colony

    These daughter’s and guest bedrooms, located at the back of the house, provide privacy and comfort for family members.

    Lounge and Pooja

    The family lounge offers a versatile space for relaxation and entertainment. It has been furnished with comfortable seating, entertainment systems and has a cosy  fireplace too. Tucked behind folding doors at the back of this room is a Puja room.

    Connecting to the terrace roof garden internally, the front balconies provide additional outdoor space for relaxation or socializing.

    Given the eclectic taste of the client, there was room for creativity and experimentation in design choices. Mixing textures, and colours has added depth and personality to each room. There is a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics and  that reflects the family’s lifestyle and preferences.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Ekta Khanna Design Studio

    Project Type: Residential Interior Design

    Project Name: Duplex at Defence Colony

    Location: Defence colony, New Delhi

    Project Size: 4200 Sq.ft

    Principal Architect: Ekta Khanna

    Design Team: Radhika Verma

    Photograph Courtesy: Sushant Sinha Photography

    Architecture: Kumar Moorthy & Associates

    The Firm’s Website Link: Ekta Khanna Design Studio

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Ekta Khanna Design Studio

    Firm’s Facebook Link: Ekta Khanna Design Studio

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