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Posted On October 26, 2023

The Skin and Bone Residence Resonates With a Story of Life and Ethics | A Line Studio

Editor’s Note: A home that is just the embodiment of its owner’s zest for leading a disciplined and ethical life. Self-sufficient and independent of nat outside support, the Skin and...

Posted On October 07, 2023

A Bold, Sleek Yet Sophisticated Haven for Productivity and Inspiration | Méranti

Editor’s Note: The combination of black, shades of blue, and bricks has never looked so delightful before! The individual cabins have their originality while being incorporated with the insert of...

Posted On September 21, 2023

A Place that is Simple, Warm and Openly Resonated Well with Sober Design Sensibilities | MJ Architects

Editor’s Note: A thoroughly sun-soaked apartment, the semi-contemporary temperament of the house. The affinity of traditionalism and ethnicity is seen in the prints and patterns. The subtlety of colors suits...

Posted On June 09, 2023

A Fashion Brand Store That Celebrates Art In Spirit | Kaushal Tatiya Architects

“Retail therapy has myriad aspects and benefits attached to it. While the products are the key takeaways, the type of shopping environment makes a great difference to the entire experience....

  • Posted On April 06, 2023

    Luxury Interior Design That Is Functional Yet Aesthetically Pleasing | Design Office Associates

    The world of luxury interior design is one that is ever-evolving, with new styles and concepts emerging all the time. One of the primary objectives in such an environment is...

    Posted On February 25, 2023

    Luxury Home Designed With A Contemporary Neutral Style | Ganesh Design Studio

    To make a wish come true for a client’s brief is a challenge itself. From minimal and neutral colour tone to Making a space luxurious and comfort for all the...

    Posted On January 10, 2023

    Ecoden 9B, A Modern 3BHK Apartment For A Young Family Of Four | N&RD

    Ecoden 9B, a modern 3BHK apartment for a young family of four, boasts an L-shaped single unit of common area with a giant balcony, a spacious kitchen with open work...

    Posted On March 23, 2022

    Classic Elements and Neutral Palette make for Luxury Interior Design for House Of Neutrals | GeoGreen Architects

    The brief demanded the home to be designed in a solid pastel color palette. Keen on hosting social gatherings, they wanted a well-defined bar, a formal living space and everything...

    Posted On March 03, 2022

    A Poetic Narrative of Art and Spatial Design | The Concreate Story

    What is it like to visualize, to execute a stunningly impressive connection between art and design? Does the extravagance lie in the elaborate history it carries of the residents or...

    Posted On December 07, 2021

    Revival of Indian Heritage in this Contemporary Residence Situated in Haryana | Envisage

    Often when individuals see the contemporary homes of today, homeowners are mesmerized by the aesthetic, functional designs of the residence, and the latest trends. Yet there is an inkling that...