A Poetic Narrative of Art and Spatial Design | The Concreate Story

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What is it like to visualize, to execute a stunningly impressive connection between art and design? Does the extravagance lie in the elaborate history it carries of the residents or is it in specific art pieces in every nook of this home? While Art and Design are conjoined since time immemorial, this home fabricates a collection of anecdotes of clients, their lives in motion around the globe and their gusto for assorted crafts. This proved, for the space to build a poetic narrative of itself with a persuasive presence of underlying design technicality. This home is a confident median of its own identity, cultural preservation, liberty and expression of thought, forming a sturdy framework of humanized design. ~Yamini Vaswani

A Poetic Narrative of Art and Spatial Design | The Concreate Story

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The Story of the client, their life in Africa, their love for art and culture, their inclination towards tribal arts, all were instrumental factors in designing the concept and ethos of the house. The Believers of art and culture. Well-travelled artistic selves who not only understand the urban rawness of the house, but also respect a non-typical approach towards designing the very typical or mundane, luxury flats.  Lime plastered/ lime finished walls. Vitrified floor with cement look inlayed with brass inserts.  Tedelakt used in master bathroom.

The home houses many features of subtle grandeur, one such example being the antique door that hangs inversely over the center table. The huge 10’ window in the drawing room overlooks a dramatically old, dilapidated ashram, which was of great influence when we designed the house. The urban-rural interaction here speaks of a history we were not willing to let go off, as designers. Hence, the sitting by the window is that of a traditional chaupal. The statement hanging lights on each side are custom made in crystal and silver wire works. The curtains were custom made in mul-mul  inhouse-hand stitched by our team . The 40′ long unconventional salmon colored lime wash wall is a feature in itself.

Dining room:

Flanked by a dado made by white cement handmade tiles and teak moldings at the back, sits a 6-seater dining table. The Wicker chairs handmade by our very talented team reminds you of an era of the old teaks. The dining room extends to the bar and a rocking chair in the corner. The handpicked linens for the Curtains, render the French windows.

Living room:

A dramatically long seater, set in Jaisalmer yellow travertine marks the width of the living room, overlooking the godly and ancient dilapidated maharishi ashram. A large hand carved center table is encircled by linen sofa, flanked by brass elements at the back. A single chair lavishly sits, dressed and draped in salmon color tribal prints.

Master (main) bedroom:

Or what we call as reader’s abode. The Master bedroom is split in two halves the front being the living extending to the bedroom and the study. The bedroom is a true testament to all the aspirations of the client . The Tribal art works, cement washed walls, a linear running overhead shelf, full of books and board games, speaks of a very raw yet cozy bedroom.


Laid in handmade tiles, each bathroom is a unique experience. The guest has an inviting vanity done with broken tiles inlaid in white plaster, the master bedroom has uneven tedelakt niches and Parsi style inspired wardrobe shutters.

Other bedrooms:

The Guest Bedroom has a Boutique-y vibe that is attributed to the colored thikri glass / antique glass partition, a cosy sitting with multiple cane lamps hanging at the top.

The reason behind going for a bohemian aesthetic fused with a very raw dynamic ia attributed to the client’s life in Africa and Bali,and the setting and surroundings of the house. We were working towards designing an experience,a house for sure but a house that transpires into stories at every corner.

The 21st floor was a big challenge as material logistics were extremely difficult. Housing societies have many byelaws, hence we couldn’t have changed the layout much, along with that, the fenestrations had to be retained in their classic self.

Fact File

Designed By: The Concreate Story

Typology: Residence Interior Design

Location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Size: 2700 sq.ft.

Photography Credits: Avesh Gaur

Products and Materials: Console: Freedom Tree | Curtains & Lamp: Fab India | Namaste Sign: House of Ekam | Wallpaper: Nilaya by Asian Paints | Flooring & Backsplash: Bathline | Bathroom Flooring: Keramos

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