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Posted On February 29, 2024

A Harmonious Blend Of Classical Aesthetics In A Modern Workspace | Interactive Design Studio

This office is a harmonious blend of classical aesthetic in a modern workspace imbued with an old-world charm offering a refreshing departure from the norm. Such is the latest workspace...

Posted On August 26, 2023

Shree Rathnam Bridges South Indian Architectural Vibrancy and Elegant Austerity of Modernist Interior| Loop Design Studio

Editor’s Note: In an artistic blend of regional pedagogy and modern outlook, lies this outlet of subtle tones. A visual embodiment of warmth, the material spread is the backbone of...

Posted On August 21, 2023

The Restaurant’s Inviting and Elegant Interior Spaces Harmoniously Complement the Serene River Surroundings | Malvi Gajjar Architect & Interior Designer

The spectacular floating restaurant at the riverfront in Ahmedabad, envisioned and brought to life by the ingenious team at Malvi Gajjar Architects, stands as a testament to their unwavering creativity...

Posted On August 08, 2023

A One-of-a-Kind Entertainment Hub with New Standard for Design and Technology | Studio Skywell

The goal was to create a space that would capture the imagination of visitors and set new standards for design and technology in the region. The birth of Shimmers was...

  • Posted On June 06, 2023

    An Inviting And Elegant Retail Experience | Deepti Tangri & Associates

    “While many display stores might follow a design pattern, this furniture store has taken on the aspects of free-flow design into consideration. These nuanced partitions become a part of the...

    Posted On March 18, 2023

    Elegant, Minimalistic Architecture And Interior Design For The Function Hall Of Vedant Banquets | AndSpaces

    Located on the banks of Morna River, the third largest city in Vidarbha, Maharashtra, Akola is an important city due to its history, culture, politics and agriculture. Due to the...

    Posted On August 02, 2022

    Modern Workspace Design with a Fine Balance of Creativity and Fun | Workshaala spaces

    Workshaala, a Bengaluru-based leading service workspace design space provider, offers co-working spaces, tailored office suites and managed office space solutions across different cities in India. Workshaala currently provides more than...

    Posted On April 02, 2022

    Mesmerizing & Motivating Office Design for Byju’s | Salankar Pashine and Associates

    A mesmerizing Office design for Vidarbha Infotech Pvt Ltd, Byju’s at VIPL I Park is a stunning and functional office space by the Team at Salankar & Pashine showcasing their...