Elegant, Minimalistic Architecture And Interior Design For The Function Hall Of Vedant Banquets | AndSpaces

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Located on the banks of Morna River, the third largest city in Vidarbha, Maharashtra, Akola is an important city due to its history, culture, politics and agriculture. Due to the prominent road and rail facilities via Akola, it is developing into a market center and Transportation hub, making it a regular wedding and cultural festivities destination for the adjoining cities and villages too. The grandeur and opulence is in the simple, elegant, minimalistic architecture and interior design for the function hall of Vedant Banquets.

Elegant, Minimalistic Architecture And Interior Design For The Function Hall Of Vedant Banquets | AndSpaces

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The elevations of the building are simple and uncluttered with not a lot of design elements or finishes to provide an open hand to the event decorator for his choice and style of decoration.

The future prospect of an Upcoming Airport nearby, the open space around, the approachable highway and the easy accessibility from the city, facilitated the site in the MIDC Area of the city, to be the perfect choice for the Grand Banquets.

The Main entrance opens up to a grand banquet hall which is a dedicated ritual area for Indian ceremonies, a pillar-free ballroom with a 14 ft high ceiling for the perfect wedding ambience. The interiors of the main hall were designed around the ceiling.

The intricate ceiling design with the glamourous chandeliers provide adequate drama to the hall. The lighting patterns on the columns around the hall and the just-perfect ceiling lights, create a pleasant and pretty ambience for any occasion.

Weddings are a time of grand and pompous celebrations. Indian weddings are elaborate and requires immense preparations. To make these days hassle free and help ease out the preps, our banquet hall is designed with Simplicity in the Planning, easy circulation and entry/exit points, with thoughtful placement of the respective functional spaces for every single wedding traditions and functions.

Separate entrance for staff and bride into the hall is provided with proper end to end car accessibility. A huge Lawn area at the back of the building,  is demarcated for the open to air function/ wedding receptions.

The Ground floor was designed, prioritizing the footfall of the people using it, thus consisting of the main hall, the office, the small hall or conference and the bridal room.

A high ceilinged bridal room, spacious enough to accommodate the bridal tribe with her trousseau. Was planned alongside the main function hall.  Along with this, a dedicated salon space for the bride adds cherry to cake.

The First Floor layout consists of the Dining hall and the Grooms Room along with accommodation for the guests.

The planning of the rooms are such that they create a huge central space making it the perfect area for a small intimate gathering like a haldi function, or late night aunty gossips.

A partition was designed Between the Dining space and the small gathering area which provides easy bifurcation of the space as and when required.

Fact File

Designed by : AndSpaces

Project Type : Commercial Building – Architecture and Interior Design

Project Name : Vedant Banquets

Location : Akola, Maharashtra

Year Built : 2023

Duration of the project : 2 years

Built-up Area : 20,000 Sq.ft

Principal Architect : Ar. Ankita Nand Deshmukh

Photograph Courtesy : Vivekajeet Purohit

Products / Materials / Vendors : Wallcovering / Cladding – Seva Hardware, Ratanlal Plot Chowk, Akola Construction Materials – Sati Construction Corner, Ranpise Nagar Chowk, Akola / Lighting – Ashish Sales Corporation, Burad Galli, Tilak Road, Akola / Doors and Partitions – Seva Hardware, Ratanlal Plot Chowk, Akola / Sanitaryware – Prakash Hardware and Pipe Fitting, Tilak Road, Akola / Facade Systems –Shafiq Khan, Akola / Windows – Minu Glasses, Khetan Galli, Akola / Furniture – Nexus Furniture, M.I.D.C. Akola Flooring – Madhu Agency, Lakkad Ganj, Akola / Paint – Swastik Traders, Durga Chowk, Akola / Hardware – Seva Hardware, Ratanlal Plot Chowk, Akola.

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