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Posted On October 20, 2022

Modern-Contemporary Space Juxtaposed With Unique Elements From Different Time Eras | DESIGN LAB VYOMA

The Elemental House, as the name suggests, is a beautiful, well crafted, modern-contemporary space juxtaposed with unique elements from different time eras and space, which has remained close to the...

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Posted On September 08, 2022

Detached Entertainment Space In Existing Bungalow | Studio SPDA

A family that comprised of 3 generations, the parents, their son and his wife as well has their 2 children, a boy of 3 and a girl, aged 10. The...

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Posted On March 23, 2022

Eclectic Palette with Textures Bathed in Perky Colors in Modern Design House | RN Deesign

This Luxurious duplex apartment over 1800 sq.ft. for an inter-generational family showcases serene elegance with fine gold accents and vibrant color palette making it a modern design house. The idea was...

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Posted On March 14, 2022

Housing Contemporary Interiors with Enchantingly Bold Palette | One Habitat Studio

We recall back then at the first site meeting with our clients, they referred to us of having darker textures, colors as the overall ambience of the house while keeping...

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