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A family that comprised of 3 generations, the parents, their son and his wife as well has their 2 children, a boy of 3 and a girl, aged 10.

The Brief

The young couples brief to us was to make use of a 7600 sqft plot adjoining their existing bungalow, where the family stays, to create a detached space that allowed the younger generation in the family to meet and unwind away from the older generation.

Detached Entertainment Space In Existing Bungalow | Studio SPDA

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They also wanted to use the remaining area of the plot for a large garden space. This space would serve as an extension of their current garden and allowed the family to have large gatherings on special occasions. They also required a small portion of the plot for a kitchen garden where the matriarch of the family could enjoy her hobby of gardening.

The Concept

It was important when dealing with the large plot to ensure that areas were demarcated sensitively to ensure that spaces were created that could serve multiple purposes. Introducing outdoor spaces that became an extension of indoor spaces was very important.

It was also crucial that the main garden space become an extension of the existing garden and not be barricaded from it. This was important to ensure a sense of connectivity and continuity and inclusiveness.

After much thought we arrived at a structure that would be set slightly back within the plot so as to create a front garden space that would be an extension of the current garden. The structure itself would have a footprint of , was envisaged as a modern structure, the idea being a cube wrapped within a folded plane, sitting atop a slightly raise part of the plot.

The large glass windows are a major part of the façade and ensure sprawling views of the garden area. These windows also let in light while blocking out the harsh afternoon sun. The kitchen garden would be behind this area screened by Concrete Jalis blocks.

Material Palette

From the very onset both the client and the design team were clear that they wanted something raw, without being to rustic. We chose materials such as concrete flooring, Concrete slabs and jalis ,  exposed brick walls and a lot of wood.

The concrete gives the space a crisp, modern look, while the brick and wood added an element of earth and nature and a sense of warmth.

The Interiors

The layout of the interiors is fairly simple. We enter through large sliding glass doors which are part of the glass façade. The main hall consists of a seating area and a bar area. At the back of the hall is a kitchenette and a powder toilet which is accessible via a service entry. There is also a store area which is accessible from outside.

The highlight of the interior is the concrete flooring which looks to seamlessly extend out onto the grey tile 6 ft wide porch. The exposed brick wall adds an element of drama and warmth to the space and is home to some artwork that the family has collected. The interiors have been furnished eclectically with pieces procured from various stores like Sarita Handa, Idus, Spinn Furniture as well as getting a lot of bespoke work done on site.  

It was also important that outdoor spaces became extensions of the indoor space. On outdoor sitting area has been created beside the structure so that the entertainment space and organically flow out to this area. It is dominated by a fixed L-shaped sitting with a concrete back and planked wooden seat has been created. It is paired with a very modern, minimal looking swing with a metal frame and wooden seat. This area is demarcated with semi hard landscaping which is a combination of Kota stone and grass.


Designed by : SPDA

Project Type : Residential

Project Name : Detached Entertainment Space

Location : Near Sohna Road, Gurgaon

Year Built : Completed 2021

Duration of project : 1 year

Plot Area : 7000 sq ft

Built up : 1800 sqft

Project Size: 1200 sqft  

Principal Designer : Designed by SPDA

Team Design Credits : Shalini Pereira , Imran Khan

Photograph Courtesy : anmolwahiphotos

Consultants for the Project : Civil : @designforumgurgaon | Furniture : @designforumgurgaon | Decor : @rajeesoodhome

Firm’s Website Link :

Firm’s Facebook Page : SPDA

Firm’s Instagram Link : spda_design

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