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    We recall back then at the first site meeting with our clients, they referred to us of having darker textures, colors as the overall ambience of the house while keeping the space more “still structured” and a hint of contemporary interiors. This came out as a challenge to design and detail out every space such that the darker shades do not affect the scale and proportion or the overall livable environment for a house.

    Housing Contemporary Interiors with Enchantingly Bold Palette | One Habitat Studio

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    The language of this 4-bedroom house is thus set upon to create spaces that could present a calmer environment with a darker color pallete. Using of black, grey, rustic red and darker polished wood as the overall finish for the wall, furniture, floor and ceiling, sets as the base mood board for the house.

    The entrance foyer is more functional with elements of contemporary interiors in terms of the storages and is customized according to the client’s detailed requirements. The veneer here is composed with a rustic red back painted glass while the furniture is finished with black colored pu-paint. With the down lights to enhance the finishes, welcomes one, inducing sophistication and luxury.

    The dining area has a sequence of crockery, artifact and a puja unit with a custom made on site dining table. The table is set onto two cylindrical base volumes with fluted paneling added and a wooden top polished with an exterior grade pu coating. The chairs are quite sleek enough complimenting the table and are tailored at workshop. The crockey and the puja unit is seamlessly composed. The puja can also be semi closed with the sliding wooden partition added. The island counter acts a quick snack corner attached to the kitchen. The kitchen has soft light veneer finished shutters while the grey wall color flows throughout.

    The son’s room is imagined for the kid as if he is all set to ride into a space journey. The bed is more like a space ship floating from the floor and with lights underneath, it totally looks futuristic. This came after the sons love for all the superhero and sci-fi movies. There’s a top that reverses back from the bed and one can use that as a study table or to play games. The artwork here is one scribbled abstract work framed on the wall. 

    The guest/ lounge room is much cozy with its low height bed and a full wall panel with few of the clients family photographs adorned with lights that lit up the art frames.

    The daughter’s room is yet another exceptional space in terms of its aesthetics. The concept of unicorn is really loved by her and that’s how the freshly composed colors came to life. The space is just flowing with colors and it appears so soft, smooth and cheerful.

    The master room is an epitome of luxury and it offers a complete empathetic connection to the user. The custom made round artwork illuminates when lit from back and sets a beautiful backdrop for the bed. Here, the geometry of lines flow from the bed to the artwork & to the headboard. The space offers excellent warmth and coziness. The wardrobe is completely finished in veneer and has custom made full height handles polished in black.

    Fact File

    Designed By: One Habitat Studio

    Typology: Residence Interior Design

    Project Name: The Dark Knight

    Location: Pune, Maharashtra

    Built: 2021

    Duration: 8 Months

    Size: 1800 sq.ft.

    Project Cost Appx: 40 Lac

    Principal Architect: Yash Shah and Anuja Shah

    Photography Credits: Onil Shah

    Products and Materials: Artefacts: The June Shop, Ikea, Nestasia, Modern Quest, Freedom Tree | Wallpaper: Dec Studio | Hardware: Hettich, Hafele, Lamp

    Firm’s Website Link: One Habitat Studio

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