Modern-Contemporary Space Juxtaposed With Unique Elements From Different Time Eras | DESIGN LAB VYOMA

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The Elemental House, as the name suggests, is a beautiful, well crafted, modern-contemporary space juxtaposed with unique elements from different time eras and space, which has remained close to the client’s heart and narrates their journey, story & aspirations. The homeowners had recently returned from London and had decided to make this their new home in Mumbai. They were keen to carry on the essence of their home in London, while at the same time, feel the deep rooted connection with the Indian culture – their origin. Thus one can see the play of various elements carefully woven together, which not only give them a sweet nostalgia about their home in London, but also at the same time make them feel connected to the vintage & ethnic styles of their previous Indian homes.

Modern-Contemporary Space Juxtaposed With Unique Elements From Different Time Eras | Design Lab Vyoma

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Shades of blue & greys have been playfully used in the overall home giving it a cheerful & lively vibe connecting one to shades of London, and balancing it with warm hues of melamine polish on mouldings, wood and veneer not shying away from the rustic homely feel. The use of wood throughout, besides binding the space, also brings in the required warmth & cosiness, while the exposed concrete finish surfaces brings in the calmness & tranquillity to the space.

One can see how the entrance foyer to the space, with its gorgeous paintings, accent brass lighting fittings & wrought iron & moulding details on the main door, sets the tone for the house, giving it a holistic & serene vibe, but at the same time having a feel of understated luxury & classiness.

Navigating through the space, one sees custom crafted pieces like the rustic dining console, to the floral hand painted bar unit, to the bright turquoise TV unit console, all adding charm and beauty to the overall living space. The exposed brick finish rustic wall forms the backdrop and becomes the subtle statement wall in the living area. While the wooden moulding in the ceiling & the planters against the brick wall adds warmth & freshness to the space.

Elements which drive then back to London, such as the grey rustic exposed brick wall which forms the formal backdrop for the living area, the classic blue main door with its typical moulding details and the black rot – iron grill, the classical English look for the kitchen area and the intricate yet modern moulding detail on the master room wardrobe shutters. The moulding details of which have further been carried onto the bedroom & bathroom doors, making the space connect as one.

The black metal framed & fluted glass partition door makes statement pieces in the passage area connecting to the bedroom spaces.

While the master bedroom is done up in the chic contemporary style in English shades of grey and cappuccino, with clean straight lines & details.

The Guest room on the contrary is done up in earthy hues of wood & olive, layered with carving & textures in the form of soft furnishes, curtains etc.

While on the other hand one can see glimpses of the ethnic touch in the living area, be it the rustic Indian look of the massive book rack, or the ethnic modern look of the dining set, to the overall look of the guest room which is done up in earth hues and carved details on bed posts and wardrobes.

The kids’ room is a well-balanced blend of fun colours, stories, travel aspirations and more! The pine-finished bed against the customised wall art of the world map makes the highlight of the space.

The individual study tables, with artefacts from around the world, along with a quaint dresser in the corner adds to the fullness of the kids rooms.

Though we have created a luxurious yet soothing space with a balanced blend of aesthetics and design that optimise the use of space, each room has its own unique style, reflecting the personalities of the end users.


Designed by : Design Lab Vyoma

Project Type : Apartment Interiors

Project Name : The Elemental House

Location : Oberoi Esquire, Goregaon, Mumbai

Year Built : 2021

Duration of project : 4 months

Plot Area : 1500 sq.ft.

Built up : 1800 sq.ft.

Principal Architect : Vyoma Patwa Motiramani

Team Design Credits : Harsha Jangid

Photograph Courtesy : Kuber Shah

Products / Materials / Vendors : Lighting – GM electricals & Classic touch company /Doors and Partitions – Star windows / Sanitaryware – Kholer / Windows – Star windows / Furniture – Custom Made on Site / Flooring – Akaksh marble, K J Ceramics / Kitchen – DY homes / Paint – Asian Paints, Colourcoats Wallpaper – Elemento / Hardware – Dorma Kaba.

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