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Posted On October 05, 2023

A Home that is Modern but at the Same Time Feels Timeless With so Much Character to it | Shreya Patel Designs

Editorial Note: There are many instances where a home is a true reflection of yourself, but it being a mirror to one’s spontaneous personality? Not so often. Shreya Patel Designs...

Posted On September 15, 2023

Urvi, a Tropical Home is Made of Local Materials and Fluidic Spaces with Lush Landscapes | Niya Ann Sharon Architects

Editor’s Note: Urvi, the house of grounded ideals shows us the durability and effective spell earthy materials can have on us. The team of Niya Ann Sharon Architects has conspired...

Posted On August 24, 2023

A Bachelor Pad Where the Shades of Blues are Seamless with Uncluttered Carved out Bold Spaces | Kaushal Tatiya Architects

Editor’s Note: Bold is the word associated with this home! Its blue-toned interiors make way for an array of crimson-colored sofas, eye catching marble table tops and wallpapers. Vivid patterned...

Posted On July 17, 2023

A Remarkable 3BHK Flat, Where the Elements of Playfulness and Comfort are Grounding | Pavan Infratech

Within the vast realm of architectural and interior design, the pursuit of creating spaces that resonate with a diverse clientele represents an exhilarating endeavour. Such is the essence of a...

  • Posted On May 30, 2023

    This Home Is An Amalgamation Of Contemporary And Indian-Folksy Aesthetics | J Design Studio

    The Soni family’s home in Gandhinagar, Koba, Gujarat, this home is an amalgamation of contemporary and Indian-folksy aesthetics, with a minimal design and warm color scheme. The home is a...

    Posted On May 27, 2023

    This Restaurant Is Redesigned For A Fine Dining Experience | Design Warehouse

    The Blue Channel is a fine dining restaurant that has been entertaining the great and the good, for more than 25 years. Housed in Hotel Sapphire, Haryana, it covers an...

    Posted On May 10, 2023

    “The Blue Lounge”, An Entertainment Lounge For A Spacious Apartment Space | Sapscapes

    Due to their love of hosting friends, our client envisioned “The Blue Lounge”, an entertainment lounge for a spacious apartment space planned in 1300 sq.ft. The design brief specified the...

    Posted On March 11, 2023

    Apartment Design In The Upcoming And Bustling Area Of Bandra East, Mumbai | Nika Design Studio

    We were approached by the amazing Gharat family in 2021 for their newly acquired home – an apartment design in the upcoming and bustling area of Bandra East, Mumbai in...

    Posted On March 07, 2023

    Clean Lines, Minimal Decor And A Neutral Color Palette Create A Sophisticated And Contemporary Space | Studio Threshold

    The Sawant house is a 1300 sq.ft apartment located in the Santacruz West area of Mumbai. This interior design project is a keystone project for the design “Studio Threshold” and...

    Posted On December 30, 2022

    A Gallery And Exhibition Space Using Complex Curves | INFINITY DESIGNS

    The booth has been envisioned as a gallery and exhibition space using complex curves, rather than just a simple display showroom, so as to divide the space creatively instead of...

    Posted On December 15, 2022

    A Cozy And Elegant Neo-Classical Interior Design | SCULPT DESIGN STUDIO

    The alluring interiors of this project belong to the Neo-classical theme of interior design, which is a combination of Greek and Roman styles. It’s really about complete harmony, balancing, and...

    Posted On March 15, 2022

    Artistic Design Approach with Minimal, Organic and Cheerful Material Palette | Silhouette Architects & Designers

    The design of this home attempts to create luxury by weaving together, the elements of sun, water and the greenery around with inexpensive, organic & unconventional materials through a minimalistic...

    Posted On January 19, 2022

    Scandinavian Pod with White Walls, Wooden Tiles, and Neat Design | Muse LAB

    A sensual Scandinavian concept that unfurls itself to vibe across a minimalistic sophistication and homey warmth! This 3 room apartment at Nepeansea road, South Mumbai, was structurally transformed into a 2BHK...