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    The booth has been envisioned as a gallery and exhibition space using complex curves, rather than just a simple display showroom, so as to divide the space creatively instead of using regular walls. The curved walls have been cut into catenary arches which facilitate the movement of people in a freeform visual walk for an experiential exhibit.

    A Gallery And Exhibition Space Using Complex Curves | Infinity Designs

    visit : Infinity Designs

    Veer has been used as a mascot in resemblance to the form of the exhibit space itself. The curves define the body of the horse while the catenary arches in a sense represent the rearing position that a horse takes. It is perfectly balanced with a new iteration of using Venzo’s veneers to create a faceted body of the mascot. As a representation of the brand Venzo, it symbolizes strength, speed, and glory just like itself, being unstoppable and magnificent.

    This fits well with Venzo’s recent iterations of using Veneer as a form of Artistry, Fluted panels and Marquetry apart from the conventional uses. The most challenging part was to showcase the brands innovative methods of using veneer on curved walls. The space has been perceived as a walking experience rather than a display of panels.

    Walking through the curves: A walk through the display stall where we re imagined how an exhibit is supposed to look like. Not normalizing a box but rather wrapping the volume in curves and arches to facilitate an enchanted movement.

    The favorite element of design has to be the texture on the walls which conveys a certain tonality with pastel shades to compliment and blend into the space.


    Designed by : Infinity Designs

    Project Type : Exhibition booth

    Project Name : Venzo Booth

    Location : Mumbai

    Year Built : 2022

    Duration of project : 30 days

    Project Size : 1300 sq.ft

    Project Cost : 20,00,000 INR

    Principal Architects : Mr. Suresh B Yadav

    Photograph Courtesy : I.D. Rohan Patel

    Firm’s Instagram Link : Infinity Designs


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