• How to Upgrade Your Kitchen on a Budget

    How to Upgrade Your Kitchen on a Budget

    The kitchen is one of the most important areas in a house. Apart from preparing and cooking meals, this is a spot where you can hang out with family and friends — all in the company of good food and great conversations.

    So it’s no longer a surprise why a lot of people pull out all the stops just to make sure the kitchen is as welcoming and inviting as the living room and bedroom.

    If you’ve been meaning to upgrade your kitchen, there are a lot of quick, easy and affordable ways that you can do to make it happen. While some people might turn to a major renovation project or even a landed house construction contractor, this is something that you can do by executing the following ideas.

    1. Hang your DIY art

    Feeling a little artsy? Add a touch of volume, texture and elegance to your kitchen with your DIY paintings and other crafts. These pieces can be placed in between gaps of your ceilings and cabinets — making for a nice addition to an otherwise empty space.

    Not only that, by hanging these art pieces along the walls, you can liven up the space a bit for your cooking projects and meal preparations.

    If you’re unsure of where to start, you can always opt for framed photos or artworks and place them in an area that you feel would best complement your space and other kitchen items.

    2. Add rugs to the floor

    Aside from being a utilitarian addition to the kitchen, having rugs can also be a great way to accentuate your space. Colorful rugs can bring out more volume and add for a nice pop of color in any space — and the kitchen is not an exception.

    Simply place them by the sink or by the dirty kitchen table for a nice additional layer. If you don’t have any rugs available at home, you can always buy cheap ones from thrift stores or even at your nearest department store!

    3. Floating shelves make all the difference

    Want to maximize your kitchen space and aesthetically upgrade it at the same time? Floating shelves are the answer!

    These wood-finished shelves are usually attached to gaps in between ceilings and cabinets, and make for a good display or a new kitchen equipment storage area.

    You don’t even need the expensive shelves from home and furniture shops. If you have a couple of old and unused wood at home, you can start converting them into one.

    4. Brighten up the space with colored furniture and accessories

    Placing different colored furniture or accessories can go a long way in enhancing the way your kitchen looks and feels. Since the area is generally bleak and monotonous, adding different color sets will help in brightening up the room.

    You can do this by adding colored stool sets or even displaying pots and pans in different color tones. The more creative you get, the more amazing the kitchen space will be!

    5. Upcycle old plates by using them as decorations

    If you have a lot of old and unused plates at home, then now’s the time to put them to good use!

    Whether they’re faded or chipped, you can hang them by the walls and cabinets for decoration. You can also place them by the kitchen counter and add a flower vase to balance out the look.

    6. Let the light in

    Sometimes the best upgrade for any space has less to do with the accessories and objects but more on how natural light is used.

    If you want to make your kitchen more bright and inviting, make sure that it’s able to receive enough light! You can do this by choosing the right match of curtains for the entire area or even choosing to do away with them entirely!

    Learning how to make use of natural lighting is an important part of any well-designed kitchen. Not only can it accentuate your accessories but it can also create more room for productivity when doing kitchen tasks.

    7. Clear the clutter

    Always remember: a well-designed kitchen is no match for a complete state of chaos and disorder.

    If you’ve followed every design idea available to upgrade your kitchen, but are still incapable of keeping it clean and organized every day, then you might as well call it a day!

    It’s very important to keep the entire space clean and free of clutter in order for these design improvements to work.

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